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Man flu? Why don't you just man up!

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mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 00:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChaoticChristmasAngelCrackers Mon 13-Dec-10 00:21:34

Ahh, the dreaded man flu. By tomorrow he'll have one foot in the grave dontcha know grin

SerendipitousHarlot Mon 13-Dec-10 00:22:10

I left my husband for this. And I'm not even joking grin

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 00:28:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SerendipitousHarlot Mon 13-Dec-10 00:32:26

Hahahaha! So sorry for laughing, but I soooo feel your pain, honestly grin

I had this Every.Fucking.Day. with something or other. It drove me round the bend in the end, along with some other things. Even now, when I pick up ds, he tells me he's ill - just today he showed me his swollen glands grin

Fucking knobs, the lot of 'em wink

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 00:35:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 00:35:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChaoticChristmasAngelCrackers Mon 13-Dec-10 00:42:05

A glass? You wouldn't BU to have the whole bottle grin

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 00:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 01:09:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ontariomama Mon 13-Dec-10 01:15:22

2 thoughts....first, if he has a cold, he shouldn't be out socializing, that's how it spreads! Secondly, if he is being a brat, make him go to bed, no electronics, no phone, no company, no sympathy, nada! Remind him he needs to rest, if there is no one to listen to him, he might get the hint grin

MrManager Mon 13-Dec-10 01:28:57

Jesus, a woman comes on here complaining about pregnancy or something and everyone comforts her, the minute a man get something a lot more serious and MN gives him the cold shoulder. Harrumph.

TanteXmasRose Mon 13-Dec-10 02:22:59

Ha ha, at a common cold being "a lot more serious" than pregnancy troubles

The OPs DH is incubating a few nasal germs for a couple of days...

a woman is incubating a new human being for 9 months...bit different.

oh and as for MN not being sympathetic to serious illness, look at the other "My DH is in hospital thread" just below this one in Active Convos. Lots of concern there.

You are vair funny, MrM!

OnEdge Mon 13-Dec-10 04:06:23

Try the sex test !

If he refuses a shag - its flu !

TyraG Mon 13-Dec-10 06:14:22

Pregnancy not serious? I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic.

If that's not the case take a look at the following link and tell me pregnancy isn't a serious state to be in, and be sure to read the whole thing. ok-story-mothers-joy-familys-sorrow.html?hpid=topn ews

nickytwotimes Mon 13-Dec-10 06:21:45

Ignore Mrm. He frequently makes arsey remarks.

Anyhoo, for balance on the thread, I would like to admit to being the nam-flu sufferer here. Dh NEVER gives in. I frequently do. In mitigation I would like to cite my lack of sleep, but tbh it was ever thus.

Must be a pita for my OH though.

singarainbow Mon 13-Dec-10 06:43:11

That was such a sad story TyraG, makes me feel so lucky.

TyraG Mon 13-Dec-10 07:00:21

While I have seen and heard men being whiney little babies when it comes to being sick, my DH is not one of them, he takes it in stride and still pitches in.

NinkyNonker Mon 13-Dec-10 07:15:12

Of course he was being sarky,the husband and I used to joke about that all the time when I was PG. Women get labour,men get man flu. Fact.

FindingAManger Mon 13-Dec-10 10:31:45

DP has just come down with this - oh the trauma of it!!!!!! I'm hoping it's just cold but he is sweating & achy too - hard to tell though as he can barely communicate as his body & soul are so dreadfully tortured and his body and head are wracked with such dreadful pain.

BYW DP just because you are unwell is NO NEED TO BE GRUMPY WITH ME!!! I'm running around looking after you - I didn't make you sick.

Oh Lordy, help me through this week!! I'm 4.5 months PG & have had flu vaccine so fingers crossed I don't get it, DD has wee cold, and please don't let her get flu too (I've got my Xmas party on Friday grin)

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 10:51:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FindingAManger Mon 13-Dec-10 16:20:41

CM has just dropped DD off home early as DD is full of it too now. Feel like I'm about to return home to the house of plague.

DP has spoken to say 'he HAS to go in to work tomorrow to do XYZ" - great so he'll give all his colleagues the flu just before Xmas, PLUS I'll have to stay off work to look after DD. Arrrgggghhhhhhhh! Working on getting him to see the error of his ways ..........

englandsmistress Mon 13-Dec-10 16:22:38

Go to see your friend alone?

mmmwine Mon 13-Dec-10 23:26:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FindingAManger Tue 14-Dec-10 10:21:18

One day on and both DP & DD (aged 3) are at home with COLDS!!! It is clearly not the flu but a bad cold (dammit I better not get it - fingers crossed). They are so very similar - cranky sick people arrrrgh!!! I've stocked up on tissues, lemsip for DP, vit c & echinacea tea, red nose salve, olbas oil & left them to it. DD is snuggled up in bed watching DVD's and is doing fine, until she needs to blow her nose when she whines. Her nose is red raw bless her.

DP's lower back is really knotted up which is why he thought he had the flu (he has had high temps too but they have calmed down). When I suggested that possibly his back is sore as he has been lying down groaning for nearly 3 days, 20 hours a day, I got the death stare/grimace.

I think a day at home together will cure the both of them.

LOL re swine flu in your house mmmwine - are there chalk marks on your front door yet?

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