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Do I say something?

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mumbar Sun 12-Dec-10 21:10:51

We are due (mum,Dad,sis,me and DS 6) to go to Lapland next Saturday for a day trip.

Dad asked me today if I had my insurance (I do!) as apparently the weather forecast in the UK is diabolical. More snow/ ice forecast.

Now this could mean the trip is cancelled. Basically we are only there from landing til take off for 8 hr 20 mins so any major delay just will not be worth it - thats relying on us being able to get to Gatwick and planes running!!

AIBU to tell DS this now or should I wait until Friday and see what happens?


SandStorm Sun 12-Dec-10 21:13:09

Depends on how old DS is. Will he understand there may be a problem because if he is then, yes I would tell him. Forewarned and all that.

SantasKnickersOnMyHead Sun 12-Dec-10 21:13:32

I'd tell him now to prepare him just in case it does not happen.

SandStorm Sun 12-Dec-10 21:14:05

Sorry - just seen he's six.

I would mention it in passing so it doesn't come as a crushing blow if you don't make it. But don't make a huge thing of it.

IAmReallyFabNow Sun 12-Dec-10 21:14:39

If he knows he is meant to be going then you do need to prepare him for it not going ahead imo.

ChippingIn Sun 12-Dec-10 21:15:24

I would tell him now.

Better to be prepared for it than to be massively disappointed on the day.

Maybe if you can't go Santa can leave a special 'hope you see you next year as you couldn't get here this year' note & present.

Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

Rindercella Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:43

He's 6? I would play it down so he doesn't get over excited about it. Only talk about it if he mentions it first.

Hope you make it ok smile

mumbar Sun 12-Dec-10 21:18:57

Thanks, I want to say something but was unsure.

I'll mention it tomorrow after school, perhaps have a few back up plans of what we could do instead. EG get an xmas dvd, hot chocolate and popcorn - as lets face it if we're stuck due to snow we ain't going far!!

Thanks chippingin - and to think we were begging for it the other week! (snow that is!)

thisisyesterday Sun 12-Dec-10 21:21:15

no, i wouldn't tell him

at 6 he isn't going to be reasonable enough not to get very upset if it doesn't go to plan (i say this as a mum of an almost 6 year old!)

as much as he may KNOW it's unavoidable he'll be ridiculously upset

whereas being surprised on the day, or the night before that you're going can never be a bad thing surely???

KnowNothing Sun 12-Dec-10 21:21:48

If my 6 yo knew we were flying to see Santa he would be v excited, so I'd have to forewarn him. Prob mention that the planes might not be working, and if not, fc will come over in his sleigh and we can visit him at xyz garden centre.

thisisyesterday Sun 12-Dec-10 21:21:55

i am near Gatwick btw and we do have snow coming in the end half of next week apparently...

ChippingIn Sun 12-Dec-10 21:25:13

I think there is a misunderstanding on here.

Mumbar - I assume that DS knows you are going and therefor you should tell him that you might not be able to. I think some other posters are assuming he doesn't know and shouldn't be told at all and if he doesn't know - I would agree... but I assume he does know!?

thisisyesterday Sun 12-Dec-10 21:26:29

ohhhhhhh sorry, yes i think i misunderstood

i thought you wanted to know if you should tell him about the trip... which i think no

but if he already knows and you want to mention that it might be cancelled then yes, def tell him asap!!!

mumbar Sun 12-Dec-10 21:27:07

thisisyesterday He already knows we are going to Lapland.

Dad was going to go skiing in January and fell at practice and broke his hand. 1 op and a plaster cast later he is encased until Jan/Feb. Mum decided to use the money on this trip.

He is a very anxious little chap about new places and have done lots of stories about whats happening.

knownothing That is genius - thankyou.

mumbar Sun 12-Dec-10 21:27:40

oh x posts. grin

witchinthewindows Sun 12-Dec-10 22:58:07

Mumbar, where did you read it was going to be bad weather next week? Please don't let it snow before Friday!

thisisyesterday Mon 13-Dec-10 09:58:33

metoffice and metcheck both say snow in sussex end of this week...

mumbar Mon 13-Dec-10 11:30:22

yes met office and bbc weather forecast - and my dad ringing to inform me and to check my insurance is all sorted!! (because they've paid) wink.

I've come home from work as felt sick and vomited when home. Resting all I can in case I do actually get to go!!

MumBarTheDoorSantaUsesChimneys Sun 19-Dec-10 13:34:04


Well the weather was as expected. We got to Gatwick at 5am and were told we'd been cleared for take off grin. Was delayed 20 mins until 8am. We borded and seemed to spend ages on the runway and found out fater we'd arrived in Lapland we were the last flight allowed to depart before Gatwick closed, Saturday.

People got undates from the UK and we knew it had opened again and we left Lapland at 9.10pm there time 7.10pm here. Captain said we were due to land in Gatwick at 10.30pm. At 10.15 pm as we are descending he tells us that whave been diverted, as no room at Gatwick due to earlier problems, and we land in GLASCOw at 11pm. shock Left there at 1.30am on coaches back to Gatwick. We hit a problem on the M25 as theres a lorry on fire, we arrived at the scene at the same time as the fire engine. We pass and could feel the heat from the fire within the coach.

Got to Gatwick and as we drove back on M25 saw at least 3 miles of tailbacks from the fire - so we were lucky.

Arrived home in Portsmouth just before 1pm as it started to snow again.

VERY eventful trpi. grin

StayingFatherChristmasGirl Sun 19-Dec-10 13:53:48

Wish I'd known you were at Glasgow airport - we are just 10 minutes down the road - you could have nipped in for a coffee!

Glad you got there and back safely though.

MumBarTheDoorSantaUsesChimneys Sun 19-Dec-10 14:43:01

Oh thanks staying father christmas - I was really in need of one too by then. grin

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