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To take a picture of DD1's

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funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:10:31

absolute shithole of a bedroom and post said pic on FB?

WriterofDreams Sun 12-Dec-10 10:20:08


I can totally understand your annoyance but embarrassing anyone you love in public is not on.

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 12-Dec-10 10:21:26


$ binbags of shite I carted out of dds room yesterday angry

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 12-Dec-10 10:21:51

ahem 4 blush

funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:25:42

I can see all the clothes I washed and ironed and gave to her yesterday to put away all over the floor.

The bed is a bombsite

The drawers are all pulled out

The bin is overflowing

There is hardly a spare inch of floor to stand on and it looks like she's been walking on all the clean clothes


She's at her Dad's today - she comes back here tomorrow - I think I'll take the pics and threaten FB exposure if she doesn't tidy it up??

She is 12 BTW

SlartyBartFast Sun 12-Dec-10 10:26:51

erm, she is too young for facebook, is it her facebook?

anyway, tidy it up yourself and dont be nasty

funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:27:34

My FB not hers

I have shut the door and am pretending its not there

<<sticks fingers in ears lalalalalala>>

welshbyrd Sun 12-Dec-10 10:29:23

Im glad im not alone, anyone else have to deal with dirty used clothes, in with the fookin clean ones I have washed, drives me nuts

SlartyBartFast Sun 12-Dec-10 10:29:32

my dm used to threaten to throw my stuff in the bin.
can you tidy it together?

funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:30:39

Welshbyrd there were socks in the wash the other day that were joined together the way I do when I am sorting the washing hmm

I tidied it with her last weekend Slarty when she was here

FullaDoll Sun 12-Dec-10 10:31:05

OMG that's hilarious, although I am not suggesting you do it. How old is she?

colditz Sun 12-Dec-10 10:31:08

She won't care. My dad took pictures of my room when I was 15, I thought it was hilarious and still do.

SlartyBartFast Sun 12-Dec-10 10:32:07

another tracey emin perhaps?

funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:36:53

I have decided I'm going to do the rest of the house first and see how I feel once the rest of the cleaning is done.

If I feel up to it, I will do her room today. Failing that, the rest of the house will be tidy and I will do it tomorrow.

Got any spare bin bags Apocalypse?


funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:37:28

Fulla she's 12 BTW

Slobbadan Sun 12-Dec-10 10:43:10

she should consider herself lucky thats all your doing, my dad threw all of mine and my sisters stuff out the bedroom window in full view of a long queue for the ice cream van one lovely summer evening! I was not impressed when washing (including underwear) was dangling from the leylandie and all our stuff was on the lawn!

Also you would of thought we would learn the first time but im sure he done it once or twice after that!

<shame emoticon>

AngelZigzagsSparklyYuletideLog Sun 12-Dec-10 10:43:50

At 12 you shouldn't be having to tidy her room up! Especially if you did it with her last weekend.

My DD is 10 and I just tell her specific things to do in her bedroom so she can keep on top of it, like get all the dirty washing in the basket then come back to me and I'll give you something else to do.

Telling her to go in and tidy and she'll just be in there reading hmm

It's a tip at the min, but I'll not be breaching her human rights to privacy by going in there and doing it for her! grin

Her room, her stuff, her mess, she can sort it.

WriterofDreams Sun 12-Dec-10 10:50:03

Could you just stick to the lalala not listening approach? It's difficult I know but it might save you a huge amount of stress. I know it's not the same situation but my DH is a messy creature and I cringe to think what his room was like as a teenager. We obviously share a bedroom but I do absolutely nothing to his side of it. Currently there is a heap of crap on his bedside locker, the door of the locker is open and all his clean underwear is spilling out (*not* washed by me I hasten to add), there's a heap of worn but clean clothes strewn from the locker to the end of the bed and his wash basket (luckily hidden behind the door) is overflowing. I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, that's his space and I have nothing to do with it. He also uses the very tiny spare room as a place to keep his hobby stuff and I never ever go in there. If and when we move out of this house (we're renting) cleaning that room will be entirely his responsibility (mwhwhaha) grin

Another option might be to stop doing her laundry and just tell her to do it herself. Tell her you're sick of the state of her room and because she doesn't take care of the clothes you wash she clearly doesn't appreciate it so she can sort it all herself from now on. When I was about 12 my mum got in a strop (no doubt with good reason) and sat my sister and me down and told us she wasn't doing our laundry any more. Much to her shock we were delighted because that meant instead of having to wait for the clothes of 5 people to be washed before getting back our jeans or whatever, we could sort our own stuff out and have more control over things. I think she was a bit miffed that her "punishment" was met with such happiness grin

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Sun 12-Dec-10 10:50:04

I ave used them all FUNKING

I only did it because my <childless> sister had seen the state of it <rooting round the house when I wasn't here> am not happy about it, and was so distressed by what she saw she carted my brother up, a 1.5 hour drive away to give ME a firm talking to.

We're talking strewn clothes, books, and empty crisp packets btw, not maggots dancing on the curtain rails.

So I ended up doing it, could have been worse, my poor friend found a curled up ham sandwich at the bottom of her dds bed <shudder>

FullaDoll Sun 12-Dec-10 10:50:50

Yes, you need to be very specific about what you want her to do. Saying "tidy your room" means very little to an ordinarily messy 12 year old. You need to give clear instructions like "put clean folded clothes in chest of drawers", "put dirty clothes in hamper", "put books in bookshelf", "put rubbish in rubbish bin, then bring rubbish bin downstairs", etc.

borderslass Sun 12-Dec-10 10:53:01

I had this with DD2[15] at around that age she came home to a practically bare room I put the lot in bin bags and hid it she soon bucked her ideas up.

FullaDoll Sun 12-Dec-10 10:55:13

Siobbadan, sorry but that really made me laugh! Did it work? Are you and your sister tidy now?

funkingcart Sun 12-Dec-10 10:58:41

I have tried it all

I think I will shut the door and ignore ignore ignore

Slobbadan Sun 12-Dec-10 11:06:20

Fulladoll yes, we are much tidyer now! We were beyond mortified!

BigTillyMincepie Sun 12-Dec-10 11:10:19

DD's room is usually like this and I usually leave her to wallow in her own s***

However, the other day I had had enough, so I lifted eerything off the floor and dumped it on her chair and hoovered up the floor.

She came in an saw it and sait "thank you mummy" and then spent an hour tidying up. shock

That was a week ago and it's still tidy shock shock

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