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AIBU to be up at 1.30am sewing a shepherds costume for a 3 year old who doesn't want to wear one anyway?

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nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 01:23:12


BTW it looks fab.

But he'll hate it.

SylvanianFamily Sun 12-Dec-10 01:25:08

Take a photo of it when finished to bring out at the 'you neverrrr made us nativity costumes, muum' conversations twenty years from now

But, yes, YABU

nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 01:32:43

Tunic done, i'll do the waistcoaty thing tomorrow.
<removes matchsticks from eyes>

FoundWanting Sun 12-Dec-10 01:32:54

YABU because after I had spent all night making a penguin outfit for DD, she whined that "everyone else will have a bought costume".

Have you ever tried to buy a penguin costume for a seven-year-old?

Don't bother. No-one sells them.

nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 01:39:05

Is it worse that 3 years ago I made the exact same mistake and made a cow costume for DS1 who refused to wear it and sat in the audience watching his class perform their christmas play?

Will i never learn?

Nursery nativities are silly.

FoundWanting Sun 12-Dec-10 01:41:36

No, you will never learn.

Just last week I was up until 3am sewing a 'chiton' for year 5's Greek Day.

<<festive fool emoticon>>

nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 01:47:42

<sigh> ungrateful beasts that they are.

if only they had jedi knights in the nativity.

nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 09:39:07

<reinstates matchsticks to eyes and give sewing machine a dirty look>

purplepidjbauble Sun 12-Dec-10 21:03:51

I spent 11 hours of my free time making the costumes for work (adults with learning difficulties). That was supposed to be my involvement so i was happy to do it.

Then it was, could you please sort out the scenery. Still not a problem, I did that in work time.

Friday 10am, dress rehearsal (the nativity was to be a joint effort between several houses run by the same company - the residents are all friendly and enjoy each others company). 2 1/2 hours and 4 other staff members later, I have managed to start the rehearsal.

The person who was supposed to organise it is actually off on annual leave. I only found out today what time it was starting. Took all the residents (some in the play, others to watch) over to the house it was in. A load of 'outsiders' had come to watch - invited, but no one had told any of us on shift, so no risk assessment done. No CD to sing carols to. No song sheets. Turns out no one had helped the residents to learn their lines.

Residents all had a whale of a time, but fuck me if I ever bother again!

PS I did get full credit, and one member of management did eventually bother to turn up grin

KnowNothing Sun 12-Dec-10 21:08:58

I made a shepherd costume by cutting three holes in an old cream pillowcase - head and arms. Tied a bit of cord round dd's waist, bunged a tea towel on her head, et voilà!

DrSeuss Sun 12-Dec-10 21:34:47

One word, honey -ASDA!

AngelsOnHigh Sun 12-Dec-10 21:50:49

Oh the joys of motherhood. At least you don't stay up until 1.30 am making a quilt for a DOLL.

DD is turning 3 on Thursday and much to my disgust all she wants is a baby alive doll and a pram.

So the quilt is to go with the doll and pram.

nevergoogle Sun 12-Dec-10 23:18:38

i'm about 2 hours drive from an asda.

all done now.

AIBU to want to dress him in it while asleep just to get a pic. grin

DrSeuss Mon 13-Dec-10 18:01:16

Nah, go for it!

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