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to think women writhing around in suspenders and stockings is...

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hatwoman Sat 11-Dec-10 20:52:04

...not really family viewing? I've barely watched x-factor in my life but I had thought everyone said that, for all its faults, it was something that had got families watching telly together. I was expecting wholesome boy bands and gutsy young girls. Clearly I'm naive and a prude.

DuelingFanio Sat 11-Dec-10 20:52:54


VladimirsPukin Sat 11-Dec-10 20:53:18

they do it for me

horseradish Sat 11-Dec-10 20:53:59


Cinnamonthecat Sat 11-Dec-10 20:55:05

Just watched Christina Aguileras act and couldn't agree more, have DS aged 9, when I was that age I'm fairly sure that would have been regarded as quite hard core..

ChippingIn Sat 11-Dec-10 20:55:59


Nickiename Sat 11-Dec-10 20:57:20

Men in suits. Women in their underwear. What have we come to?

gallicgirl Sat 11-Dec-10 20:59:25

It was 8:40 and I thought it was a bit skanky for pre-watershed viewing. I know my 8 year-old niece will be in bed but I know a lot of small children don't go to bed so early at the weekend.

I'm not a prude but I definitely think that was a bit dodgy.

pastyeaterneedsaSilentNight Sat 11-Dec-10 21:02:10

Yes, I have an issue with the time it aired and the fact a lot of youngsters watch it. It would have been ok in a show aimed at adults much later. So YANBU.

BoobBuffet Sat 11-Dec-10 21:02:12


Always think of myself as very broadminded, but it makes me very sad that young girls will aspire to this.sad

Didn't realise I'd been watching the sex-worker factor! (No offence to sex workers intended).smile

Anyone else spot the irony in ITV's media request for outraged mums? There might be a few more tonight!

TheCrackFox Sat 11-Dec-10 21:02:31


Not very impressed and wasn't happy at my 9yr old DS seeing it.

walkinginaWUKTERwonderland Sat 11-Dec-10 21:03:13

Could have written the OP myself. YANBU.

Gallicgirl, I'm not nitpicking or anything, but I don't think we should have to preface our comments with 'I'm not a prude, but...' It implies that we're out of the loop for objecting when really we should be positioning ourselves as the standard.

raspberrytipple Sat 11-Dec-10 21:03:27

YANBU. I was going to start the same thread. not only did they look slutty, they just looked stupid to be honest.

ShanahansRevenge Sat 11-Dec-10 21:04:10

I have never thought of it as family viewing...maybe ok for kids over 12 but I haven't ever let my 6 year old watch it.

hatwoman Sat 11-Dec-10 21:04:24

it's not just crappy shops selling padded bras for 8 years olds. it's peddling stuff like this as family viewing. kids who watch this stuff every saturday are going to think that that's what women do.we've become so de-sensitised to what is, essentially, soft porn that it's ok for pre-watershed

pommedeterre Sat 11-Dec-10 21:04:45

I think it is really, really awful. I have no idea how we change this. I have a 9 month dd and I get so upset when I think of her growing up with this all around her.
We do female singer shave to be gorgeous and half naked? it does not make logical sense that all talented singers would also be gorgeous. Oh it makes me upset and devasted all in one go.

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sat 11-Dec-10 21:05:11

Yanbu- but I love christina, she's awesome!

walkinginaWUKTERwonderland Sat 11-Dec-10 21:07:07

Really LadyoftheHouse? She's the same as all the rest as far as I can see, underdressed and overproduced.

GroovyGretel Sat 11-Dec-10 21:08:28

I thought it was terrible timing. 11pm when there are only slightly pervy dads watching then ok wink but my dd could have been watching that!

Have just written my first ever letter of complaint to

that'll show them. hmm

Marchpane Sat 11-Dec-10 21:09:11

Yanbu. It was very tacky and in poor taste considering the potential audience <harumphs bosem Les Dawson style).

Go Sat 11-Dec-10 21:09:17

Just endured watched this with DS (8). He actually snorted with derision when he saw Christina and her crew. "Who wants to see them wiggling their bums" he said. Oh so wise. Give him 10 years I'm sure he'll view it in a new light grin.

And no, YANBU, it's horrid, tacky and very 70s.

Ladyofthehousespeaking Sat 11-Dec-10 21:10:12

Yeah really- she's a huge supporter of womens aid in the USA, she gave an interview once and said that the only reason she learnt to sing so loudly was to cover up the sound of her mum crying after being attacked by her dad, because she was scared child protection would take her away.
I just think she's done well to escape that and continues to help other women in that situation

gallicgirl Sat 11-Dec-10 21:11:01

Walking - I was actually wondering if I was out of the loop to be honest! I don't watch a lot of primetime TV so I did have to stop and think if I was over-reacting or not.

oneortwo Sat 11-Dec-10 21:12:03

I'm sad that this is now considered pre watershed (i.e. family) viewing

noonar Sat 11-Dec-10 21:12:05

PLEASE will someone who knows how, do a link to the MEDIA thread started by ITV asking for mums to comment on the sexualsiation of young girls and loss of innocence / childhood!!!!! I kid you not. The irony of ITV asking for comments on this subject and then broadcasting Burlesque on a family show is just beyond belief.

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