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To have developed a crush on

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mssoul Sat 11-Dec-10 18:30:43

Iain Stewart, geologist from the programme Men of Rock? There is a certain something about him... Apologies if this is only on Scottish telly grin

funkingcart Sat 11-Dec-10 18:58:06

Oh no I think he is rather lush as well

And my Auntie taught him at school so I can claim a sort of a connection


mssoul Sat 11-Dec-10 19:24:33

Just the two of us then grin and his wife envy

funkingcart Sat 11-Dec-10 19:29:45


We should start a club

funkingcart Sat 11-Dec-10 20:09:17

Obviously it would be a very select club


mssoul Sat 11-Dec-10 21:08:50

Indeed. Only those who have an interest in slightly geeky professors of geology need apply. Welcome grin

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