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Really really interested to know this about tuition fees from someone who knows!

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stoatsrevenge Sat 11-Dec-10 14:17:21

Soor, have already asked this on another thread, but it's getting lost!

Can someone in the know answer this question please?
If, say, 200000 students start uni in Sept 2012, does the govt have to stump up £1900000000 (max) to distribute between unis so they can function for the year, and then wait 30 years for repayment?

I'm probably being VERY thick here, but isn't this a cumulative financial and administrstional nightmare?

purits Sat 11-Dec-10 14:30:59

They already do that, but on a smaller scale. And yes, it is a nightmare - remember a few years ago when they messed it up and didn't get the money to the students in time?

ATM, they give most of the teaching money directly to the Uni so the Govt takes all the hit now. Instead they will loan the money to the students and the students will give the money to the Uni. It has moved from a Govt/Uni transaction to a student/Uni transaction.

Meanwhile, the Govt can always sell on the debt (or, at least, a portion of it).

JeannotLePushkin Sat 11-Dec-10 14:31:19

Bump - I'm wondering this too.

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