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In remarking upon this.... re: students/Pink Floyd and THAT school

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glasjam Sat 11-Dec-10 01:33:03

Was amused to see all the fuss about a posh young person swinging from the Cenotaph and then learning it was the progeny of Dave Gilmour (have nothing against him He gave us Kate Bush after all).

Here lmour.html

Just thought it would give a different angle to the usual debates on here about the "bake bread every morning" school without it all getting out of hand.

AitchTwoOh Sat 11-Dec-10 01:38:31

<snort> good luck with that, glasjam. grin

glasjam Sat 11-Dec-10 01:43:10

Ah late night flights of fancy when you really should be tucked up in bed! What do you reckon though? Do you think a Steiner education would make you more likely to swing from the Cenotaph or are we talking about posh kids trying to be anarchic? Where was Otis Ferry?

glasjam Sat 11-Dec-10 02:08:02

Sorry, am bumping this because I think it's interesting. We all wonder what our own children would get up to in this situation, And there is a perception that certain children would behave in one way and other children might behave in another.

Who are the children that would swing from a Cenotaph?

Who would piss on Winston Churchill?

Who would try and scare the future King and vandalise his car?

RambleOn Sat 11-Dec-10 02:18:53

Charlie is his adopted son, his second wifes son, and wasn't 'Steinered'. So, no excuses for his behaviour then wink

As for Otis, he's a pro-hunting Tory gobshite who'd last five minutes in a crowd of baying anarchists before being ripped apart like one of his poor foxes.

I don't know, the lengths you have to go to when trying to shock your rock star parent these days grin

RambleOn Sat 11-Dec-10 02:21:29

According to the DM, Charlie did all three of those, probably helped along greatly by the fact that he was tripping.

glasjam Sat 11-Dec-10 02:32:30

I am a rock star! I am a boy! I live in Central London! My Dad wrote rather famous stuff! Enjoy!

beijingaling Sat 11-Dec-10 04:49:34

Looking purely at the behavior of some rioters protesters I think it's pretty revolting what some of them got up to.

Whatever you opinion on the cuts or war swinging from the cenotaph is just not on and such a total lack of respect for those who died and the families of those who died. I know not everyone agrees with the army but even thinking purely in terms of those who died through conscripted wars (ie they had little choice but to fight) it's just so disrespectful.

Pissing on Churchill's statue is, to me, in the same league as breaking windows and scrawling slogans across buildings. It's not big, it's not clever and it detracts from whatever message you are actually trying to get across. Surely a far better protest would have been to turn up, walk a designated route and deliver an alternative proposal or whatever to the government. Surely we all know from the many brilliant discussions on MN that anger gets you no where but communication usually moves you forward.

Again whatever you think of the monarchy I think that frightening innocent people is wrong. It doesn't matter if you are next in line or an office worker don't we have the right to go about our business without fear of violence?

Finally some kids will behave like shits no matter who there parents are. There are always people who will break something just because they can and when everyone around them does it they will too. I often think that a person is clever but people are daft.

Sorry that's long but none of my friends are Brits and I needed to get this off my chest!

beijingaling Sat 11-Dec-10 04:51:20

ps... I remember the countryside alliance march in 2002/3 (can't remember). Everyone walked peacefully and there was silence as we walked past the cenotaph.

Is it really that hard to peacefully demonstrate?

beijingaling Sat 11-Dec-10 05:00:56

God, me again, sorry. Seems like the boy is pretty repentant too... his apology was long and well phrased.

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