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To wish I didn't feel like my kitchen was a non-stop cafe!

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mermaids21 Fri 10-Dec-10 16:24:33

Any ideas are very gratefully received! - I feel like I spend ages in the kitchen every afternoon, first cooking for the kids (3 and 7)and then again later on for me and dh. As we don't have a dishwaher there always tends to loads stacked up. Does anyone have any ideas for quick meals that you can reheat a few hours later? Thanks

whatdoiknowanyway Fri 10-Dec-10 16:37:42

I cook one meal for everyone and serve onto plates.
Anyone not eating when it's first served takes plate to microwave and heats up later.
Saved my sanity during the peak after school activity/sports club/brownie/guide years.

Most things can be reheated - it's not a big deal.

LittlePickleHead Fri 10-Dec-10 16:42:07

Any one pot dishes like chili, stews, spag bol etc are handy for stuff like that. You can just bung the stuff in earlier in the day and cook it whilst doing other stuff, then reheat when needed.

Definitely don't be making two different meals, that sounds like a complete PITA

fel1x Fri 10-Dec-10 16:51:52

When we ate seperatly I used to do it the other way round. Cook in the peace and quiet once DCs were in bed but cook extra and save DCs portion for tea time the next day.
For days when we had takeaways etc I did fishfingers or something easy for the kids next day

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