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I know this is not an AIBU, but most posters I speak with post here.

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Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 08:26:32

I am off to view a new place today. Somewhere DS1 and DS2 can have their own rooms and I can claim my room back.
It is a 3 bedroom masonette. Sounds ideal and as excited as I am I am sat here sobbing.

Because I wish my dad was here to come with me to view it. My sister was coming but her DS2 is ill and she is at the dr's with him. So I am going with DS2. It will be 7yrs on Monday since my darling dad went sad

I haven't stopped crying for the last 45 minutes.

I had such a bad day yesterday and I think it is catching up with me....

I know this is not an AIBU, but most posters I speak with post here.

sarah293 Fri 10-Dec-10 08:29:42

Message withdrawn

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 08:31:31

Riven, thankyou. I hope it is all I want as I need to get out of this place it is a hell hole and a death trap.

am just missing my dad so much today.

Hullygully Fri 10-Dec-10 08:33:36

Hugs and love, Lady.

BuntyPenfold Fri 10-Dec-10 08:48:03

I'm sorry you are so sad.
I really hope the new place works out for you.

Hugs and hand holding from me

GypsyMoth Fri 10-Dec-10 08:52:48

what would your dad be saying about viewing this house?? he would want you with your sensible head on,doing this for your sons benefit!!

so come on! dry those eyes!

festivecoatgate Fri 10-Dec-10 08:55:24

So sorry you are feeling so sad. It will be 8 years on New Year's Eve since my Mum died. Always a crap time of year, as I miss her so much. Thinking of you. Good luck with the maisonette viewing.

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 09:05:27

well I am sitting here thinking what he would say.
He wouldnt like it because of the stairs - its a 2nd floor (Dad was disabled) BUT I have to remember he won't be there!
He would want the boys to have their own rooms as he would say they have different personalities and this needs to be reflected in their bedrooms - just like when we were kids. Sis had a girly room, bro had grey and red room, and I did mine BLACK grin.
He would also think that 2nd floor was safer considering DS1's wandering habits.

And safer as DS2 being 3 has a habit of playing with doors and currently I am right on the road sad

Ok eyes dried, sensible head semi on, paper work gathered, going to wake DS2 up in a minute and dress him.

But something to make you all laugh - because I am still.

Yesterday was a horrid day through me panicking. 10.57am I got a text it said

KL.I'm bunking

it was from i called the school they found him after 20 minutes in the toilets.
Now while the act of bunking infuriated me and he did get in shed loads of trouble I have to laugh at the stupidity of texting ME of all people albeit a big mistake on his part.

BuntyPenfold Fri 10-Dec-10 09:09:56

grin at your text from DS.
What did you text in reply?

Vallhala Fri 10-Dec-10 09:14:43

Is this the maisonette you posted about, trying to work out which property to go for? In the part of city that begins with the letter C (and where I come from ? )

Chin up Lady, your Dad surely wouldn't want you to be anything but positive and happy.

I'm thinking of you today and hope it all goes to plan, that you love the new home and that you'll be signing the papers on it very soon.

All the very best from one local girl to another.

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 09:24:19

Bunty i didn't reply I called the school....was much more fun for me to do that lol.

Vall, it is in a part that begins with P and is opposite PC world on the OKR. am calmer now and excited!!! wish i had someone coming with me!

SpringHeeledJack Fri 10-Dec-10 09:27:56

ooh I know where you mean!v handy for just about everything

(not being stalky but think we chatted about local schools a while back smile)

hope it works out for you all

Hullygully Fri 10-Dec-10 09:28:47

SHJ - on that note, did you move?

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Fri 10-Dec-10 09:28:49

Good look with the flat today lovey, i'm sure your dad would be very happy to see you moving on.

And lol at your boy, bloody funny grin

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 09:29:16

lol oh you can stalk me if you want

thankyou xx

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 09:30:12

Right I shall update you when i get back am leaving now

CrazyChristmasLady Fri 10-Dec-10 09:32:38

Good luck, I remember your other thread about the 2 flats to go for. I take it you went for the one with no bids?

Sorry about your dad, just try and think what he would be tellin you.

SpringHeeledJack Fri 10-Dec-10 09:33:26

Hully not yet. Am still here, virtually nosing through properties in the SE area


hoping to start properly in the new year though

Vallhala Fri 10-Dec-10 09:35:17

I know the OKR! An old friend used to live very near that particular part.

Good luck Lady, I hope to hear good news when you get back.

plupervert Fri 10-Dec-10 10:29:12

You can keep your dad with you no matter where you are, more so, the happier you are in your new home.

I hope things work out today! smile

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 11:09:46

I am back!

It was a lovely place for errr a family of mice!

The bedrooms were tiny, if i had got my bed in there I wouldn't have got a wardrobe in!!

the kitchen was soooooooooo small there was room for a slimline cooker and fridge freezer sad

It was not a maisonette but a flat! was advertised wrong [humph]

needless to say I turned it down

SpringHeeledJack Fri 10-Dec-10 11:39:01

oh that's a shame

hope you have something else come up soon...

plupervert Fri 10-Dec-10 11:40:54

Ahh, b*llocks. That's a shame. Perhaps it would cheer you up a little to have a joky moan "with" your father about the mice grumbling about the people-furniture which meant there wasn't enough space for a family of mice any more!

BuntyPenfold Fri 10-Dec-10 12:15:38

Sorry it wasn't a success.

Where else are you looking?
Come to Devon, it's very nice

Theladyevenstar Fri 10-Dec-10 12:24:15

Bunty, would love to move out of London but I won't leave my mummy blush

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