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To be annoyed that she doesn't listen to me?

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ReindeerBollocks Thu 09-Dec-10 21:47:16

My eldest is in mainstream primary school but has additional needs. This sometimes requires the school to do extra things and other times I have to do them (depending on the level of extra need). The school have been amazingly supportive for the last three years and we have always worked very closely with the teachers who care for our child.

Until this year. His teacher is a new teacher (to the school), and I have had a couple of meetings with her to discuss the needs of my DC. She is NOT interested. She made a note of the vitals but actually said on our first meet "well I won't be getting involved in that but I'll pass it on to the TA".

Last week required me to do the extra care - I spoke to her three days before the 'extra care' was due to commence to explain how we have worked with the school previously - and to ask if there was anything we could do to make up for potential work missed or any questions she had. As usual she was very dismissive and told me it would be fine.

I go to do DC's extra care last week (and it has extended into this week) only for the TA to tell me that the teacher is unimpressed that my dc is being removed from class during important lessons AND that they were not informed of the fact that it would be happening!

I am highly unimpressed with his teacher and also at a loss as to why she is not listening to me during our meetings (after school appointments made in accordance with school policy).

AIBU to expect her to listen to me (and co-operate) or AIBU in expecting her to give a shit care

SkyBluePearl Thu 09-Dec-10 21:54:48

have a meeting with head and outline your concerns. You can be very factual, calm and fair in your discussions but the issues do really need to be highlighted for your sons sake.

mumbar Thu 09-Dec-10 22:02:37

YANBU. I would also meet with the HT, you've tried the teacher not got anywhere following policy, so now follow their policy of escalating it to senior management when an aggrevience isn't solved.

Best of luck.

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