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and a big wet pathetic wuss? Actually I know I am...

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StuffingGoldBrass Thu 09-Dec-10 17:01:06

I am far too big to be such a baby but (bleat bleat bleat) I bottled out in the dentist's chair, shook and blubbered and refused the procedure. So now I will have to go and be sedated somewhere to have this farking tooth out. Anyone with any good tips on coping with stark terror over one's teeth?

Rachy91 Thu 09-Dec-10 17:03:45

i would be the EXACT same! i cant bear the thought of pulling teeth/broken teeth/hurting teeth/ wobbly teeth


ive had a cracked tooth for nearly a year and theres noooo way im going to have it out!!

BeerTricksPotter Thu 09-Dec-10 17:07:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

SerendipitousHarlot Thu 09-Dec-10 17:07:23

SGB, I really, really understand. I have a major fear of the dentist and will not go unless I'm crying with the pain.

Currently I have a wobbly tooth that I know is broken, and am eating on the other side of my mouth, whilst intermittently poking the wobbly one with my tongue and cringing.

No advice whatsoever though. Even valium doesn't work for me - get sedated if you possibly can.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 09-Dec-10 17:09:47

My dentist told me that there is a perfectly rational explanation why a lot of people are afraid of dentists.

At some point they've been given a local anaesthetic. These contain adrenalin (IIRC it helps keep the anaesthetic 'local'). So, you have your injection and whumph, your heart starts racing and you're in 'flight or fight' mode. But you're stuck in the chair and can't run and don't dare punch the dentist so you're a poor trapped animal.

And so of course you're set to anticipate terror next time.

Once you understand this rationally, you can have your injection, calmly note 'hey - my heart IS racing' but its just chemistry!

I've never actually been afraid of dentists but this knowledge did help me when I had a local for a mole removal.

PsecretSantead Thu 09-Dec-10 17:11:25

My sis bit her dentist once. She gets sedated now. It was the only way.

StuffingGoldBrass Thu 09-Dec-10 17:21:46

Grimma - point taken but given that they can sedate me they bloody well should.
The tooth is dead, it has been filled and refilled several times, the last time the filling fell out was in August and I just kind of ignored it. It is a back tooth. Urgh. I am sort of hoping they will get back to me with an appointment date before XMas so it can be dealt with...

ShanahansRevenge Thu 09-Dec-10 18:14:51

Our dentist has a special thing for people lik you...a sort of proggramme to help you over your fears.

I think it's all about getting you used to it day you sit in the chair...and have a chat...then you go home. The next you get to handle the equipment and so's a de-mystifying thing.

If your Dentist does not do it you ould call around and ask is quite common now...NHS dentists too.

PhishFoodAddiction Thu 09-Dec-10 18:29:26

I'm so scared of the dentist that I don't even have one any more! I reckon I'd probably have a panic attack if I went again, though it's something I'll have to get over and done with soon.

My fears stemmed from a filling I had done by a horrible dentist, without enough local, it bloody killed!

Even the thought of going back scares me.


I think you should be sedated if they do that at your dentists.

verytellytubby Thu 09-Dec-10 18:33:26

The only reason I survived my root canal treatment was Valium and lots of it! grin

Mowiol Thu 09-Dec-10 19:21:58

Hypnosis - I had a dentist many years ago who did this for stressed out phobics.
If you are really bad your nearest University Dental Hopsital may have a programme for very phobic patients? Also, as odd as it sounds, student dentists are so terrified of hurting anyone they are super-careful (f also slow) and they are closely supervised.

Mowiol Thu 09-Dec-10 19:22:33

"hospital" blush

GrimmaTheNome Thu 09-Dec-10 20:37:03

Sure, if they can sedate you they should.

I am having severe difficulties imagining a sedate SGB. Shouldn't laugh, but have this notion of you coming back all woozy and posting something wet and wussy on a 'faith' thread.

StuffingGoldBrass Thu 09-Dec-10 21:00:18

Grimma: Oh cock off! grin I am sure I will be able to cope if given a shot of Valium or some Entonox or something, it was just the thought of half an hour of yanking with pliers (shudders, goes green again) and when I saw the pliers and the padding and stuff....

I have been able to cope with going to the dentist before and even had a filling or two in the past without biting or kicking... but this is too much sad

quaere Thu 09-Dec-10 21:06:27

Um, come and talk to me!!! [] -dental-phobia-anyone-else here]] and here

I did the exact same thing as you just this morning and have been referred for sedation. Which scares me just as much tbh but there is some useful stuff about it on the second thread

quaere Thu 09-Dec-10 21:06:58

or here

cornycravescava Thu 09-Dec-10 21:08:08

take your child
only reason I managed to be brave enough for a filling was 'cos ds2 was there

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