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to want to talk to a human being when i phone ds's school....

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Dlamis Thu 09-Dec-10 08:53:09 tell them he's not coming in because he's ill.

My first AIBU but this has really annoyed me!

So i dutifully follow the multiple choices and robot instruction, leave his name, class and reason for absense, and there's silence for ages.

Do I wait for a robotic acknowledgement and if so how long do i wait for, or do I just put the phone down and if so what if i put it down too early and messed up the message.

Seriously how long would it take to just have a proper conversation.

"Hello this is x's mum, he won't be in today because he has chickenpox"
"Ok thanks for letting us know.Bye"


What next? Automated entry

"To deliver your child to Miss Y's class, select door 1
"To deliver your child.........etc"

missnevermind Thu 09-Dec-10 08:57:41

I know what you feel.
DS2 primary school have just started this and it is so anoying, sometimes you need to explain to a real person!
DS1 is in senior school and they have always used this system, so sort of got used to it. But when the primary school changed over it was quite a shake up.

TheBountyMuncher Thu 09-Dec-10 08:59:27

I've just had to do this too!

I'm cringing because I said my name at the end, like I'd written a letter blush I also argued with myself about when DD would be back at school..." So she'll be back tomorrow or the next day, no not the next day, tomorrow...or not"

So YANBU because it's awful, but I suppose we are a bit U because it saves them time I guess.

Rockchick16 Thu 09-Dec-10 09:19:47

The thing is if it's anything like our school the receptionist is already busy. She often has a queue of people handing in forms, dinner money,etc. It's much more practical to ask parents calling in to leave a message and then listen to them once the drop-off rush has finished. Imagine if they answered each call and some parents went in to great detail about the illness. They'd be there forever. I'm all for answering machines in this instance.

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