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I lied to my DH..

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SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:10:06

Well, after an already too long week (what day are we on? Tuesday! bloody hell kind of feeling all day)..I did the weekly shop and splashed on out on some lovely toiletries for myself; one of those big jars of scrubs with a hinge <grin>, fruity shower creams in various delish smells and de-stress bath foams.

As the stuff is fairly attractive looking, I wanted to display it in the bathroom, but this presented me with a dilemma; DH would just waste it all on himself wouldnt he? And trust me, he uses loads. And he is such a toiletry queen.

So when he said "oooh, new shower stuff", I said yes...(and then very casually) Oh, by the way, they have sparkles in them, loads actually, they make your skin all shimmery and sparkly afterwards."

His face dropped. "Oh right," he said.

Mission accomplished. Am I evil? A selfish cow?! AIBU????!!

iamamug Tue 07-Dec-10 23:11:23

YANBU - you are a genious!!

iamamug Tue 07-Dec-10 23:11:54


Laska Tue 07-Dec-10 23:11:55

YANBU and can I add that I'm simply in awe grin Will definitely be using this one grin

MrManager Tue 07-Dec-10 23:12:01

Your DH was BVU by being diappointed - men are entitled to fabulous glittery skin too! grin

iamamug Tue 07-Dec-10 23:12:21

that's better grin

festivefriedawhingesagain Tue 07-Dec-10 23:12:39

YANBU. I keep my Molton Brown hidden safely in a cupboard away from DH the children so it doesn't get wasted.

curlymama Tue 07-Dec-10 23:13:23

Nice Work grin

FoundWanting Tue 07-Dec-10 23:13:35


I will confess that I told my DD that all my porducts are specially formulated for old, thick, wrinkly skin and if she uses any of them on her delicate skin she will have a hide like a rhinoceros.

MumNWLondon Tue 07-Dec-10 23:14:00

I asked my DH - he read your post and he said that firstly he'll try it and see you were joking, and anyway that he should bl**dy buy his own stuff.

FoundWanting Tue 07-Dec-10 23:14:37

Clearly that is products. Have no idea what porducts are. Do you think Boots stock them?blush

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:16:09

Muwahahahahaha @ foundwanting grin

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:18:27

mumNWLondon -Ive bought afew of them from boots in the past, yes wink ...and he never bloody buys his own shower stuff! Tramp!

dinosaurkisses Tue 07-Dec-10 23:18:47

I am currently committing this ploy to memory for future use

Joolyjoolyjoo Tue 07-Dec-10 23:19:25

YANBU- DH used to wash his "hair" with my really expensive shampoo- he is bald with a shaved head!!

He took the biscuit, though, when I left my expensive intensive conditioner out on holiday. It comes in a little pump dispenser, so when he came out the bathroom moaning about that "funny toothpaste" I'm afraid I was more upset about him wasting it than any toxic effects it might have! Since then, everything is hidden- for the good of his health, don't you know wink

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:20:30

I love mumsnet grin

<guilt free emoticon>

newwave Tue 07-Dec-10 23:27:25

SRS nice to see you life is back on track

My DP uses all my stuff including eye gel and moisturiser

Shodan Tue 07-Dec-10 23:33:41

Dh doesn't use my stuff.

That's because his skin is delicate and very dry, dontcha know.

He has to have special stuff all of his very own because my expensive stuff isn't as good as the bought from Boots for two quid specially-sourced stuff he needs.

Shodan Tue 07-Dec-10 23:34:39

Stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff.


I've used up my week's quota for that word now.

blush grin

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:42:18

newave...shock...well tell him it has sparkles then!!! (and thank you, it is slowly getting there! x )

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:45:27

haha you source this special, extra expensive STUFF for him then?

<getting evil ideas emoticon>

I was once told by a member of the family that I am the type of person who if pissed at someone, would make a lovely cup of tea for them, spit in it, stir it well, and hand it to them. grin

I dont know if the sparkly lie and the spitting in tea thing go hand in hand? I dont see any overt links, but you know what I mean, no? hmm

SparkleSoiree Tue 07-Dec-10 23:47:09

YANBU but if it were me and DH was a wee bit disappointed I would nip back tomorrow and pick up something just for him to queenify himself with!


newwave Tue 07-Dec-10 23:49:52

SRS nice idea but I dont believe Clarins do sparkles

SpareRoomSleeper Tue 07-Dec-10 23:49:59

Awww, sparkles, you are very sweet indeed.
The thought would never have crossed my mind, but now that you've said that and considering my new years resolution is to Be NNice ...Hmmm, but hey, its not even mid-december yet ...grin


dracschick Tue 07-Dec-10 23:53:57

At least you told him (even tho it was a lie) one particular hot summers day last year dh ds1 and ds2 sparkled all day -because they used my bestest stuff without me knowing to warn them.

A sparkly 6'2 ex para in shorts is not a good look.

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