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to feel so utterly bored!!!!!!

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kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:16:59

am waiting forever for new job/s to start.

have cleaned house, sledged etc, cooked xmas cake, walked dog, bothered teenage dd, etc,.

now feel like screaming - only mumsnet keeping me 'sane'


Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 15:20:08

You'll soon be moaning because you've no time to get anything done. Go an bother your daughter again.

LadyViper Tue 07-Dec-10 15:21:29

Come and watch my DS so I can get my house straight!

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:22:34

true, goingspare.

some people are never happy!

will do as instructed!


kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:23:27

would do, if could, LadyViper

jooseyfruit Tue 07-Dec-10 15:23:51

yeah come over to mine and look after vomity toddler so i can get out with bored dog.<mutters> grin

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:25:16

really miss vomityies - dd too big for proper fussing now


defineme Tue 07-Dec-10 15:25:53

Go to the cinmea on your own-ours is £5 for the before lunch shows and it's a lovely treat on your own.
Have you wrapped your xmas gifts/written cards?
Have you planned your xmas holidays-booked shows/days out?

Go buy a book?

I have an ill child who will not let me leave the room to get on with stuff-how I envy you the clean house!

Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 15:26:50

You're nostalgic about vomit - that's major boredom. I'll have a look round and see if I can find you some jobs.

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:27:06

no cinema in village.

can't get to shops due to snew

boring clean house

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:29:03

tried to bother dd - got told

tried to bother dog - got told

have even knitted dh a really hideous scarf for xmas - he'll really hate it!

bored bored bored

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:44:46


Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 15:49:37

'snew' is the past tense of 'to snow' in Norfolk.

Sorry, I'm not helping.

DD2 is doing WW2 at school, and the school has just started a new reading programme where books are allocated points for their level of difficulty. Children are supposed to read within their allotted level. She just asked me how many points 'Mein Kampf' would have. I've sent her to the library to look for Anne Frank. hmm

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:52:50

wow - what a clever girl she must be!!!!!

hope she doesn't find it all too depressing...

Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 15:54:12

I expect she'll come to her senses and go and read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid instead. She's been given a rather open-ended level, and it's gone to her head.

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:54:17

once read JG Ballard about his childhood in a ww2 pow camp - seem to remember it was v. good.

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 15:59:47

or the dreaded Tracy Beaker!!!

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 16:06:24

dreaded because, after reading it, wonderful dd was a total Brat for a month - trying to be Street!
It's now banned in our house.

kenobi Tue 07-Dec-10 16:10:43

Clean the underside of your cupboard shelves.

Then you'll learn the value of having some lovely time off <she says, not at all bitterly>

Or come round to mine and look after my sick baby while I attempt to work from home? Pleeeese?!

Goingspare: tell her to read The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. It's amazing, though does pack huge upsetting punch.

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 16:19:40

cupboard shelves - done
shampooed carpets - done
oven & fridge - done
should i get someone in to mess it up?

looked at 'Boy in striped pjs' on amazon - bit of a mixed review

what about 'goodnight mister tom'?

Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 16:31:58

The J.G. Ballard - is that Empire of the Sun? (have seen the film). Goodnight Mr Tom is her class reader at the moment; she's enjoying it. She's read some Tracy Beaker without obvious ill-effect, apart from when she started to feel sorry for some young friends of ours whose mum is a social worker, because she assumed that their (rather lovely) house was a 'care home'.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - good point, but I'm not sure about that book or the film; I find telling it from the pov of the commandant's son more odd than helpful. It's upstairs on DD1's shelf if she wants it though, thanks (and phew! it's within the right band wink).

It'll mess itself up again soon anyway, kathy.

kenobi Tue 07-Dec-10 16:38:16

Blimey. I've NEVER cleaned the under of my shelves.
How about doing some baking and taking it to nearest homeless shelter?

Goingspare: Boy in PJs, fairy muff, I see your point.

Ooh Just thought - how about Mischling Second Degree?. Loved this as a child. It's about growing up 1/4 Jewish in Nazi Germany. ermany/dp/0140313567

kathyb1 Tue 07-Dec-10 16:40:53

yes, gs, Empire of the sun was the one.

going to cook tea for dd and dog - not the same tea - honest...

Goingspare Tue 07-Dec-10 17:37:27

Have been out to collect some children from a school. Picked up another book recommendation from one of them while doing so.

That one looks interesting, kenobi.

Glad you've found something to do now, kathy.

Hope the job starts soon....

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