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Reading scheme books are sodding dull

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zapostrophe Mon 06-Dec-10 21:08:15

Message withdrawn

sethstarkaddersmum Mon 06-Dec-10 21:11:10

I know.
Biff & Chip (ORT) get quite good as you get to level 3 and 4-ish but dd is also getting the most horrendously dull 'information books' (ie non-fiction, not that they have any useful information in them) including one about hands and what they are useful for, which led us to compose our own sequels, 'Noses' and 'Bottoms' which were much better.

Bingtata Mon 06-Dec-10 21:11:44

DD is more of the 'and then they blew up' variety - she likes red nose readers by Allan Ahlberg. No one combusts but at least they seem to have some substance.

Bingtata Mon 06-Dec-10 21:13:16

Like Big Bad Pig

roomonthebroom Mon 06-Dec-10 21:16:43

Ah, chip, Biff, Kipper and Floppy from ORT.

'Floppy?', 'Is it Floppy?, 'It is Floppy!' repeated for 7 or 8 pages.

DH and I couldn't stop laughing, but we are v immature.

Valpollicella Mon 06-Dec-10 21:23:51

Agreed. DS has no truck with them, even though I've tried to tell him there are books for learning to read and (the ones sent home from school) and the stories we read (nothing terribly wordy, just stories with something going on in them. Rather than....Look. One kangaroo. Look, two kangaroos. Landing in the mushrooms'

His response: 'But I can learn the words in interesting books? hmm'

mumbar Mon 06-Dec-10 21:35:52

I agree, My DS did read write inc and the booke were almozt nonsense but very phonic.

He doesn't do it now in year 2, but the books are better (ORT, 9) but agree from stage 3/4 they improve.

I found the aliens in underpants the other week and DS loves these. I did PMSL when he was 'sharing' it with a baby of about 8 months at the Dr's the other day!! Even the babies Dad enjoyed it grin

Valpollicella Mon 06-Dec-10 21:37:10

Mumbar, does DS have Dinosaurs Love Underpants? Tis brilliant grin

DrSeuss Mon 06-Dec-10 21:39:41

Oxford Reading Tree have no story whatsoever. DH wrote in DS's reading record the other day, "Please can we have a book with a story?" I told him off for it but it's true. Dr Seuss (no, not me, the real one) started to write the Cat in the Hat and such things in a bid to create books with simple vocab but amusing plots. He did it, why can't others?

mumbar Mon 06-Dec-10 21:42:20

No I only discovered they do that one yesterday - going to hunt it down for xmas!!

mumbar Mon 06-Dec-10 21:43:27

The phonics books, eg A shark in the park are very good for early readers and have a kind of story line but are more silly poems.

Valpollicella Mon 06-Dec-10 21:44:02

It's really funny <shows sense of humour level>

DS got it for Xmas last year and the first time I sat with him to read it I couldn't stop laughing <note - a couple of Xmas sherries may have had some bearing....but it is very good!>

mumbar Mon 06-Dec-10 21:53:11

I got DS the Aliens meet Panta Claus. We have to go through the whole discussing the pants on the opening page first. grin

OP is right - you cannot go wrong with toilet related humour!

bluedolphin1 Mon 06-Dec-10 21:56:20

Usborne Very First Reading are great too for children learning to read. They have topics like Pirate Pat and Knights and Castles etc. I am losing the will to live with Biff and Chip etc.
As for the non fiction ones dd brings home.

SpikyBinkle Mon 06-Dec-10 21:58:03

'Look' is a classic. We used to have competitions to see how many different ways we could read it. I remember one poor child reading this to me: after several pages of look I asked what he thought the next page said.
'I don't know.' I think he had lost the will to live. Well certainly the will to read.

Valpollicella Mon 06-Dec-10 22:01:08

Lol Spinky grin

Aliens meet Panda Claus??! <off to Amazon>

Hullygully Mon 06-Dec-10 22:06:05

Don't you like Biff and Chip?


I still don't know which is which after many a year of Biff and Chipping with dc and in the classroom.

And as for the magic key..

mitochondria Mon 06-Dec-10 22:06:41

My youngest is on "reading books with no words". Not sure of the logic behind these. He does know how books work.

He bought one home the other day, was told to tell the story of the pictures. Story consisted of three children eating their packed lunch in the playground. That was it.

fidelma Mon 06-Dec-10 22:11:43

OP I think you must be doing Ginn. My dc also read Ginn at school. ds1 is at the same stage as yor dc and it drives him made !!!

However it does get better.

Off to amazon also lol

mumbar Mon 06-Dec-10 22:16:54

before you amazon. Supermarket (A!) have the books 2 for £7. Thats what first attracted me to the book isle and subsequently Aliens in Underpants.

LittlePushka Mon 06-Dec-10 22:19:30

LOL at Hullygully Biffing and Chipping in the classroom!!! Just ask the kids which one is which, they will know - my DS keeps me right.

Odd names for children though,...havn't seen " What do you think of Kipper?" on any baby name threads, though someone is now BOUND to point one out...grin

PinkElephant73 Mon 06-Dec-10 22:21:16

OP you will rue your words in a year or two when you are reading Dirty Bertie and (worse, much worse) Yuck books with your DS. I refused to read Yuck with mine in the end as it was so disgusting.

scrappydappydoo Mon 06-Dec-10 22:21:16

We're doing Ginn books - dd1 keeps coming to the end of the book and saying - 'is that it?' in complete surprise that something interesting hasn't happened... At least its better than the jolly phonics songs they are learning - dd is singing them ALL the time..

Had a rummage in the library today but couldn't find anything simple enough for her to 'decode' we could use over Christmas.

onceamai Mon 06-Dec-10 22:24:53

DS 1 = ORT = relatively OK - whizzed through fast and got labelled a pushy parent though. DS had more or less learnt to read by 4 but the teachers didn't seem to notice sad. We trawled through pretending to read each book three times with lots of lovely reading book entries such as - ds really enjoyed this the third time grin.

DD didn't really start free reading until about 5 - a year or two later than DS1. Second time around we wrote fewer entries and did more pretending whilst doing our own thing.

At the point when DH really really wanted DC3 - I couldn't, I just couldn't face the thought of the ORT again. It's my greatest regret - there were other reasons but Biff & Chip have a lot to bloody well answer for sad.

MollieO Mon 06-Dec-10 22:27:55

Ds (6) has found the way to maintain interest in tedious ORT biff, chip, floppy books is to sing them rather than just read them. Sometimes it is opera (standing/sitting and singing) and sometimes musical (singing complete with actions). Occasionally he will read them but always adopting silly voices for the various characters. All his suggestion but it does make it easier to listen to. grin

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