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what is an ok red wine

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pantomimecow Mon 06-Dec-10 20:09:02

I want to buy a cheapish bottle about £7 for a pressie,Not being a red wine drinker myself, I wouldn't know what is cats p*ss and what is drinkable.
Any suggestions welcome

dbm Mon 06-Dec-10 20:17:37

Rioja works well at that price. I dont have a particular brand/vineyard to recommend but find most Riojas good at that price

Kagey Mon 06-Dec-10 20:19:11

I usually get a bottle of Rioja (Campo Viejo) which can be found in supermarkets for about that price - I like it

duckyfuzz Mon 06-Dec-10 20:24:31

wolf blass reds are good, if on offer
chilean merlot usually a winner too

otchayaniye Mon 06-Dec-10 20:42:01

portugese as they import some good ones. A Greek (yes) one called Tsantali (in waitrose) or a good Chinon.

I'm a wine anorak and i'd be chuffed with any of those

pantomimecow Mon 06-Dec-10 23:17:03

I'll go to the supermarket armed with your suggestions.

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