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in wondering if all the fuss is worth it?

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mummytoatribe Mon 06-Dec-10 09:28:55

DS has his first school trip today, to the local snow centre of all places

His teacher did admit she probably wouldnt have arranged it if she had known we would have so much snow, but she booked it back in October!

anywaaaay, it was £9, which is fine, but all of the parents, including me, assumed it was a full day thing. Taking into account that they never leave before 9:30am and always factor in half an hour on the way back for delays so they would be back by about 2:30, and it is 45 minutes each way. Even allowing only 15 minutes getting on and off the coach, into the place etc, that is 3 hours there, including time for lunch.

But they are going to be back by lunch time which is 12:30! It hardly seems worth it, as they will barely have an hour there and £9 for 1 hour running around in the snow seems a bit much! AIBU in wondering whether its worth it both time and money wise?

HecTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Mon 06-Dec-10 09:29:53


But too late now. grin

mummytoatribe Mon 06-Dec-10 09:37:33

Oh dont get me wrong, he would still have gone, but I would also still be thinking that it is a hell of alot of buggering about, and not an insignificant amount of money, for an hour!

santasbluebaubles Mon 06-Dec-10 09:37:44

Nope. These places are notoriously expensive. You pay over the odds to have a half hour snowball fight smile

I'm sure your DS will enjoy it though.

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