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To think it odd that my sister dosn't know any single people?

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poshsinglemum Mon 06-Dec-10 04:56:22

Obviously this is a sore point for me!
My sister is getting married next year and I asked if she was going to invite any fit single men to the wedding to which she replied that she didn't know any single people (at all I am assuming) Do it really is couples v singles then?

whiteflame Mon 06-Dec-10 06:02:43

does she know a lot of people? are the places she meets people more likely to attract couples?

seems a little strange, but i doubt she deliberately excludes single people from her social sphere smile

Iwasthefourthwiseman Mon 06-Dec-10 06:17:40

I don't really know any single people. It's not a deliberate thing but a lot of our friends are parents of young children so generally not single, & I guess we are just at that age where people are less likely to be single. Not odd really. Can't imagine why any fit single me would want to hang out with a married mum & two kids.

Tell a lie, I do have a fit young single friend but he is so self centred & shallow I wouldn't inflict him on anyone!

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