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Not so much AIBU (as I'm not), more WWYD?

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atswimtwolengths Sat 04-Dec-10 20:22:11

With those women who start a fascinating thread and then don't type fast enough or even disappear!

atswimtwolengths Sat 04-Dec-10 20:27:05

I was thinking something along the lines of making them stand naked in the snow at a bus stop.

Dexterrocks Sat 04-Dec-10 20:52:55

Oooh! Which thread is fascinating?

DastardlyandSmugly Sat 04-Dec-10 21:06:19

This must be about the CDWM thread?

atswimtwolengths Sat 04-Dec-10 21:15:25

Yes! But it applies to anyone who says "The next 12 hours (or so) are vital..." and then disappear after 11 hours!

ChippingIn Sat 04-Dec-10 21:19:26

LOL yes - something needs to be done... ummm I think standing them in the snow could be counter productive though... how about we get MNHQ to ban them from posting on any other thread until the one in question has been completed?

<Disclaimer: this only applies to silly threads, not people needing 'real' help x>

DastardlyandSmugly Sun 05-Dec-10 18:11:08

Has the thread gone? Can anyone tell me what happened? I stayed on as long as I could last night and then have been busy today.

mychildrenarebarmy Sun 05-Dec-10 19:04:29

I stalk them off the beaten track.

mumbar Sun 05-Dec-10 19:09:50

Link to CDMW thread?

But yes esentially I agree with you OP!!

DastardlyandSmugly Sun 05-Dec-10 20:24:39

I think it's been deleted. She was going to get it deleted as she was discloising loads of stuff from being on the programme. It was fascinating stuff though. Am gutted I missed most of it.

Olifin Sun 05-Dec-10 20:29:50

Quick summary please anyone? What is CDMW?

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