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to complain about DD1's nusery?

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JessicaRabid Sat 04-Dec-10 11:18:42

...and who do I complain to??

DD1 has been going to the same nursery since she was 1 (now 3), the nursery has two buildings, one for babies and one is a pre school. I loved the 'baby' nursery, staff lovely, little book telling you what they did in the day. I did used to be a bit hmm at what they ate there but let it go because staff were so nice and DD's keyworker especially was lovely smile

Since DD1 has moved to the pre school she has also changed from four full days to 3 mornings a week. The staff seem generally disinterested and make you feel like you are being annoying if you ask what she has got up to, general response being "I don't know I wasn't there" and then if pushed <sigh> "Will go ask soandso".

They eat lunch about 11:30 and I pick up DD1 at about 1:00 and she is often covered in food, not just her clothes, all over her face. Surely it's not too time consuming to run a baby wipe over her face or even hand her one as she is capable of doing it herself! They hardly ever seem to spend time outside unless it is really sunny. I thought it was part of the curriculum to spend at least some time outside as long as weather is reasonable (?). The other thing is that often as the morning session is ending (1-ish) and I come to pick up DD they are in the middle of an activity or something so staff will tell DD, "don't worry you can finish it tomorrow" and I don't think they generally do. Now, this isn't a major isuue obviously but one of these was all the kids were planting bulbs and now they are all outside with the kids names on and DD doesn't have one. I just feel bad that come spring when all they're bulbs flower DD will be the only child without one sad.

Now, I want to move DD as soon as we get a place at another pre school/nursery within walking distance (not as easy as it sounds unfortunately) but I think I should complain about them. DH thinks move her and leave the complaint, but other kids still go there and I think they should get they're act together!

JessicaRabid Sat 04-Dec-10 11:21:58

Should say nursery in title blush I rushed this a little bit as DD's are giving me a hard time today and have escaped for 5 mins of mnetting grin

LIZS Sat 04-Dec-10 11:32:42

I think the level of "care" does often vary once the children go into preschool as staff ratios change. However they shoduls till encourage clenaliness and hygiene, washign hadns before meals and cleaning up after even if more independently. Is it a private nursery or lea funded ? Ask to speak to the manager first. Activities should be timetabled to fit within the sessions but is your dd the only one leaving at 1pm ?

stayathomegardener Sat 04-Dec-10 11:47:12

I used to find at DD's nursery staff spent more time and invested more in the full time children.

My DD used to do two mornings,I was not impressed but put up with it until DD started being bullied physically and verbally by the few children who were there 8am-6pm it was almost as if they were jealous of her going home-to be fair most children were not full time but did full days so she did seem to be the odd one out.

It culminated in me bringing this up with the staff to be told'she needs to toughen up'!

She was three,I removed her that day.Horrible.

So just be careful it does not lead to further problems.Could you try part time full days?

JessicaRabid Sat 04-Dec-10 11:55:22

It's a private nursery. The morning session finishes at one but I think most of the children are full time, only a couple leave at one.

JessicaRabid Sat 04-Dec-10 11:59:38

Thats horrible stayathomegardener I can't afford for her to do any more (on maternity leave) DD getting left out of things is personal but coming home dirty and no outdoor play feel complaint worthy !

DreamTeamGirl Sat 04-Dec-10 12:01:52

I would complain to the nursery manager about the hygene thing, that is a deliverable and acheivable thing

Being a bit left out is much harder. I noticed when my DS went up to the preschoool room the information dried up quite rapidly, in terms of what they had eaten, played with etc and that seems to be the norm everywhere

I also noticed that when we dropped his days to 2 days for the last 6 months he was there that he did seem less involved- logically I suippose, he WASNT there as much and couldnt do everything and I felt much less part of it all. Sad for us and for him, but inevitable

booyhohoho Sat 04-Dec-10 12:05:09

i think i would speak to the nursery manager about her being dirty and also her not being included in projects, like the bulbs. the point of the bulbs is to encourage the idea of nurturing something and seeing it grow. quite an important skill, they need to make sure she is being as fulfilled as teh rest of the children. otherwise it looks like they aren't actually doing it for the dcs and more because they have to.

DreamTeamGirl Sat 04-Dec-10 12:14:25

The only other thing, is that they may well be spending time outside, but it might be the afternoons- its so hard to get the full experience when they are part time- believe me I know how different it felt when he went part time and it was lack of them caring, its just almost impossible for them to work things round so many different part time options- your DD 3 mornings, someone elses 4 afternoons, another 2 full days 1 am and 1 pm etc etc

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