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to ask what apps you have on your iphone?

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armani Fri 03-Dec-10 06:58:59

ive had my iphone nearly a week now and was wondering what apps are worth getting. is there a mn app?

tia x

ElspethDiggory Fri 03-Dec-10 07:34:40

MN app is great.
Games: angry birds ; doodle jump
For DC ( they love the others too) but nice simple ones are Shape Lite and Pic Zee.
Pic2shop means you can use phone like a bar code scanner and find out how much something is in other shops
Shazam : you hold up phone wgen a song is on that you like and it tells you title and artist
All these are free apart from angry birds and doodle jump (cheapskate!)
Also flashlight is good so you can use phone as torch (surprisingly effective)
eBay app is good
Also radio box (digital radio) though you pay for that.

Finally get any free emojii app and you'll get loads of fab faces and pics to put in texts.

Enjoy! I LOVE my iPhone

notremotelyintofootie Fri 03-Dec-10 10:13:29

I would second angry birds but go for the seasons one, also

Google apps
Highway agencies traffic
Zombie farm
Tap zoo
Period tracker
Oven break
Voucher cloud
Kindle for amazon - you can download free books too
Sky + remote (can record away from home!)
Cut the rope

Have fun! Oh and if it's the iPhone 4 don't forget it multitasks so occasionally double click the round button, hold down an app until it has a minus sign on and then click on them all to close down or flee you'll start running really slowly!

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