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To ask the school to write these requests down?

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YourNewFriend Wed 01-Dec-10 16:58:45

And not rely on DS to give me the message?

He is in Yr2(6yrs old) and I have lost count of the number of times I have had a half hearted message relayed to me by him. Or worse he forgets altogether.

He is good at remembering the day to day stuff like swimming kit for Thursdays, PE bag for Tuesdays and Fridays but all this extra stuff, if it's so important, needs writing down, so I receive the whole message and know exactly what, when, why and how much! Today's latest one is that he needs to take in £8 tomorrow but he's not exactly sure why.

I realise my DS in particular may be extra forgetful but if they want these things promptly and correctly they shouldn't rely on 6 and 7 year olds! AIBU?

And breathe!

SandStorm Wed 01-Dec-10 17:01:05

That's the sort of thing that should be in a letter. Are you sure he's not just forgetting to bring letters home? There may be a whole pile of them in his tray.

MrManager Wed 01-Dec-10 17:02:57

I'm sure requests for money will absolutely come on with some kind of form to fill in, i.e. on paper.

Methinks someone is failing to bring home the letters!

EcoLady Wed 01-Dec-10 17:05:08

Day Book
Parent Mail

You need to talk to his teacher about how they give out messages. There should certainly not be any requests for money without a letter!

YourNewFriend Wed 01-Dec-10 17:06:30

Don't think they are in his tray and I've text a friend whose DS is also in same class and no note home with him either.

Plus I always receive the school newsletter every Friday which also had no mention of £8??

emptyshell Wed 01-Dec-10 17:06:41

Yeah there's no way I'd send a verbal request home for 8 quid - maybe a "can everyone bring in a cereal box for art" type thing, but money requests always go home with a letter. Of course - letter made it into child's hand is not the same as letter making it out of the classroom and home!

Get tray/bookbag excavating!

YourNewFriend Wed 01-Dec-10 17:10:42

Ok I've discovered the what the £8 is for. They are going to a local pottery to make a Christmas plate. Now true this is on the school calender pinned on my board.... but no mention of £8.

Incidently the school have just started up a text service and I receive tons of irrelevant messages!

SandStorm Wed 01-Dec-10 17:12:00

but if they're going on a trip you must have signed a permission form - if he hasn't brought that home and you haven't signed it, he won't be going.

YourNewFriend Wed 01-Dec-10 17:18:28

Good point- no permission form here!

Trip is next Thursday so I wonder when they sent them out? If they have yet?

To be fair the pottery is in the same (High) Street as the school and we have signed a blanket permission form for the children to be taken to nearby shops/P.O./walks etc. Maybe this covers it??

Generally organisation of the school is poor though so anything is possible.

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