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To stay in because of snow...

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mamadiva Wed 01-Dec-10 11:37:30

or am I being a wuss?

I don't drive and we live in the Highlands so it is FREEZING and there is about a foot of snow (atleast) which is now freezing over.

I just said to my mum about trying to book a delivery slot for my shopping but she said I should just go down and get it. DS (4YO) and I have been in since Sunday night we don't desperately need anything but am getting bored being stuck in.

BUT more than all of that I HATE snow, ice and my balance is craop on it. Last year I twisted my ankle just leaving the front door hmm

I don't know is anyone else not leaving the house because of the weather or am I being daft?

clayre Wed 01-Dec-10 11:41:47


I havent been out since the weekend cept to the bin last nite at the end of the garden and i fell, i have officailly declared myself housebound for the foreseeable future!!

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