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To wish i had never left the house.

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Ray81 Wed 01-Dec-10 11:33:03

Ok so got up this morn and snow, not lots but enough. My road is on a hill, to get out of it you have to go down hill and then up another hill to get to the main road, it tends to get realy icy so i decided not to send DD1 to school.

so half hr ago looked out and snow has defrosted asked DD, she wanted to go to school so i get ready, me and her and DD2 6months. I got out of my road fine but going up the other hill i was wheel spinning but managed it. Am now home but have to go and get her from bloody school later.

So i wish i had never even bloody tried so AIBU and just being a god damn wimp.

BTW last yr i had a big car accident in all the snow and ice so not as confident as i was before that.

Lonnie Wed 01-Dec-10 11:37:12

No YANBU but hignsight is a wonderful thing isnt it

Mowiol Wed 01-Dec-10 12:04:25

Ray81 - what happened with the porch carpet fiasco? <snort>

Oh, and YANBU - icy roads are scary even if you are experienced at it.

blackeyedsusan Wed 01-Dec-10 14:02:52

take those bits of old or not so old carpet to put under your wheels in case you get stuck. i think the tiles in the bathroom may be a bit sharp and puncture your tyres.

MrManager Wed 01-Dec-10 14:12:54

Is it walkable?

USoRight Wed 01-Dec-10 14:17:13

YANBU. Just looked out of window and blizzard conditions again on top of the 2 foot of snow!!! Completely trapped in driveway, worried sick about family out in this, DS trapped at work, says he'll sleep in his car (only one that turned in!). DD abandoned car last night and walked home after 12 hour shift. DSIL walking 2 miles in deep snow from work later.

Stay home everyone - it is enough to give you a nervous breakdown.

welshbyrd Wed 01-Dec-10 14:40:32

YANBU- I had a car crash 4 weeks ago, and I am terrified doing the school run, ashamed to admit it, but had snow only been in for a few days I wouldnt of taken DCs to school, however seems its here for a bit, and have to take them in.
Car crash wasnt really bad, my car was a right off, and the idiot who hit me was in a big Mitsubishi warrior,walked away lovely. I was really badly bruised, and am having physio for whiplash.

I sympathise with you massively, you have given me great comfort, that Im not over reacting, last few days have felt silly, and a wimp
Hope you get driving with confidence again soon smile

Ray81 Fri 03-Dec-10 08:14:45

Sorry didnt come back guys. I managed to get to the school to pick DD up as the ice had cleared only for it to snow again weds night so was stuck in ALL day yesterday and have to work out how i am going to get to my aunts to look after my grandad for the weekend. I am NOT driving in this no matter what ANYONE says.

Anyway if i was driving the old carpet would have been a good idea to put under the wheels grin but my road is steep hill down hill and then up hill to get to the main road and i will panic if i so much as slip alittle so not driving.

Re the tiles in the bathroom i managed to clean them not a problem unfortunatley they didnt fall off in the process however i did manage to break the shower, dont ask. I doid please ignorant on that one though DH def would have killed me grin

welsh Please take comfort you are not alone my accident was a yr ago and the snow and ice still scare me shitless. The yr before that i was driving in the snow no probs even got stuck halfway up a hill and couldnt go and further, had to turn in the road no wider then the car and was sliding sidewards but i was bloody fine, now just alittle skid and i panic. It is not good i am thinking of taking a driving course that can show you what to do in a skidding situation just so i can get out on the roads when it snows.
sorry to hear about your accident hope your whiplash feels better soon.

Foxy800 Fri 03-Dec-10 08:39:42

Hi there,

You both have my sympathy and for what it is worth I dont think you are wimps, just being sensible. I havent driven anywhere since Tuesday and am not going to until the ice clears a bit more. Im that bad that need to do some shopping later and have phoned my Dad who is a confident driver in this sort of weather to ask him to take me but even he as a sensible driver has said he will take us but probably this afternoon when some of the ice has cleared a bit so it is not so bad.

Animation Fri 03-Dec-10 09:13:21

I personally think we Brits are getting some good practice at driving in these conditions - and gradually we're GETTING STRONGER... grin

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