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To think that someone should start a really funny thread to entertain those of us bored pooey by the snow?

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BalloonSlayer Wed 01-Dec-10 11:18:35

I have tried to think of one but I can't.

I was going to post that our heating is stuck on and would it BU if DH and I rigged up a makeshift sauna and then went outside to roll naked in the snow: would the neighbours be offended, where can I get birch twigs etc.

But confused naaah. Not good enough.

Can't someone think of something? Can't someone do something stupid, just for me.


ChilledChick2 Wed 01-Dec-10 11:40:47

What about the excruciatingly funny things kids say/do which would have many of us ROFL, or the pathetically stupid/daft things adults do to entertain their LO's?

faverolles Wed 01-Dec-10 11:50:49

I recall loads of funny trollerisms that have usually taken place when I'm working, so I've had to stay up til midnight to read them shock (bloody inconsiderate!)
surely now someone can start a funny, when we're stuck at home with time on our hands?
I would offer to do it, but I'm not funny enough. I'd end up starting a bunfight and would have to flounce again

BalloonSlayer Wed 01-Dec-10 12:08:34

Ha faverolles, I know - It's very hard to start a funny troll thread without someone snatching up the flaming torch over something innocuous.

I once found out that one of my close neighbours runs a sexy underwear business by mail order. I thought "OMG Imagine if I ordered something and he dropped it round!" and I did a fake thread pretending that had actually happened. But I tried so hard to have the "neighbour" being nice (ie not creepy) about it that the thread just didn't have enough shock value.

< sigh >

(Did I mention I saw Elvis at the Christmas Tree shop? Or perhaps it was just Elves.)

BalloonSlayer Wed 01-Dec-10 12:10:46

Go on then Chilledchick, what pathetically stupid things have you done to entertain your LOs?

< Narrows eyes >

I am quite sensible and dignified. I have not gone much further than doing the "Show me show me your groovy moves" dance in 10.5 years of dull parenthood.

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