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To still want to go to London?

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Rosieeo Wed 01-Dec-10 08:14:47

We're in Yorkshire and have had a huge amount of snow overnight, as I know the majority of the country has! It looks lovely and we're all off school, which is fab.

DH and I have plans to go to London this weekend. We're going on the train for a couple of nights and have been looking forward to it for ages. The children are staying with my parents.

It has been suggested to me by a friend that it would be very irresponsible of us to go to London given the weather and that fact that the kids are with my parents. I think that if the trains are running and the weather has calmed down a little here, then I still want to go.

What do you think? AIBU?

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 01-Dec-10 08:16:14

Go. It's not as if you are off to Siberia.

Lonnie Wed 01-Dec-10 08:19:31

Go Weather is meant to ease off at the weekend Obviously reevaluate Friday once you know the immediate weather but apart from that just go and enjoy yourself

Rosieeo Wed 01-Dec-10 08:36:17

Thank you! I didn't think it sounded that negligent. Or dangerous, which was my friends concern.

PinkElephantsOnParade Wed 01-Dec-10 08:40:31

I am near London and the snow is not bad at all here. It is quite bad in Kent and south parts of Surrey, but you would not be anywhere near that.

Also most odf the snow roun here should be gone by the weekend.

Go, I can't see any reason why not.

There is always someone telling you it is not safe to go off for the weekend in case the world comes to an end in your absence!

Ignore, go and have your well-earned break and let your DCs be spoiled rotten by their GPs! grin

LLKH Wed 01-Dec-10 10:09:14

I live in London and PinkElephants is absolutely right. The snow isn't bad here at all. In fact, it appears to be gone. So go to London. Enjoy yourselves.

MumNWLondon Wed 01-Dec-10 10:11:41

I'm in London. Went to Liverpool for a couple of days Mon-Tues, trains are fine, hardly any snow here (NW London) and none at all in central London.

neepsntatties Wed 01-Dec-10 10:28:40

Takes a lot to stop the trains and your children will be well looked after. See no reason at all not to go. Enjoy!

Blu Wed 01-Dec-10 10:33:02

Central London is absolutely fine!
Very tricky in parts of the outskirts, though - 6" of snow in Streatham Hill, for example.

RunawayChristmasTree Wed 01-Dec-10 10:40:02

Its London for Gods sake you are not emigrating, go and have a great time

Ryoko Wed 01-Dec-10 10:43:17

We ain't got snow in North-West London, we got slush, I want snow.

Mammie81 Wed 01-Dec-10 10:44:39

From Yorks you will presumably go into Kings Cross? Thats been fine - and you can get on the tube straight from there, again its all been fine! (Esp as the Victoria line is entirely enclosed and doesnt even go outside!)

Enjoy the trip, London is beautiful in the snow!

Rosieeo Wed 01-Dec-10 12:41:13

Thanks everyone. I'm not concerned at all about snow in London, the issue my friend mentioned was being unable to get back here! We've had - well, knocking on two foot over night. But the way I see it even if we struggled to get back the kids will be OK with their grandparents.

That's the part that my friend thought was irresponsible.

We do go into Kings Cross but are staying in South East London. Even so, I'm sure it will be fine. Really looking forward to it!

staranise Wed 01-Dec-10 12:45:47

Very little snow here in central London though more expected tomorrow but London is often clearn when the rest of the country has bad weather. I'm sure most of it will have cleared by SUnday.

verytellytubby Wed 01-Dec-10 12:46:51

I'm in North London and very little snow.

verytellytubby Wed 01-Dec-10 12:47:24

Ignore your friends. Your kids are with your parents not left home alone.

RussetRingletsHeyer Wed 01-Dec-10 12:53:13

I came back up to York last night from London - the East Coast mainline is running on an emergency timetable and it took 3 hours not 2, just expect it to be slow - but the trains are still running.

I don't think it would be negligent of you - it's not like you've left them in a snowdrift!

Kbear Wed 01-Dec-10 12:55:22

I'm SE London and trains out to the suburbs aren't running that well and roads are pretty bad (although major routes are better now than yesterday). DH took 5 hours to get home from work yesterday (10 miles and dartford bridge).

Not trying to put you off but SE London got it worse than other parts of London so it depends where you're staying - your onward travel from Kings Cross might be trickier.

But if your childcare is solid and everyone's happy, come on down!!

Rosieeo Thu 02-Dec-10 08:45:45

Hi Lovely Londoners, got any new advice for me?

I know it snowed again last night and it's forecast to snow all day here, although we've had nothing like the massive snowfall we had on Tuesday night.

Things seem a little more chaotic than yesterday though! I know the trains are still running into Kings Cross, but the only other thing I can see are severe delays.

We're staying in Greenwich and I know we could avoid Southern and use the underground and DLR to get to Cutty Sark if we needed to.

What do you think? Still viable? The newspapers are just doom and gloom!

Simbacatlives Thu 02-Dec-10 08:49:48

One if my staff took about 5 hours back from kings cross to Leeds last night. Some was delayed train before she got on then slow journey.

Train was very full- she had open 1st so got a seat but said itvwas chaotic.

I was there last weekend- delayed by 2 hours then overcrowded train.

I am going down on Sunday- expect the journey to be pretty crap.

shinybaubles Thu 02-Dec-10 09:03:08

My sis works in North Greenwich she has no probs on public transport - DLR, jubilee line etc.

pottonista Thu 02-Dec-10 09:17:56

I'm in SE London to - I've never seen so much snow in the capital! And it's still coming down.

OP, if you were travelling today I'd say you were nuts. Local overland is 'emergency timetable' and the Tube is pretty sketchy.

There are trains running though. If you or anyone with you has an iphone, download the National Rail Enquiries app - it updates pretty regularly, lets you plan journeys and has mostly reliable information about which trains are delayed, running or cancelled - there's also a 'Live departures' thing that lets you see what if anything is running from a particular station, and when.

pottonista Thu 02-Dec-10 09:19:18


I thought SE24 had it tough, with four inches. grin

bathbuns Thu 02-Dec-10 09:32:02

What will it be like taking a taxi through central London today? Is that crazy?

Rosieeo Thu 02-Dec-10 09:35:07

I can cope with a slow journey rather than miss my jolly and would expect some delays. I thought that by Saturday it might be ok. Glad to hear the DLR etc are doing well and I'll certainly avoid Southern, it sounds like a nightmare!

Pottonista, I know! I've can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it in this country. I got DH to go and measure it in the garden where there are no drifts and it was just shy of 24 inches.

Right, am going to brave the car journey to Asda. This is the only time I've ever wanted a 4x4.

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