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to be very annoyed as sports direct/dhl?

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countydurhamlass Tue 30-Nov-10 20:35:15

ordered some wellies and snow joggers from yesterday morning. computer had a mad glitch when processing order (probably cos of the weather) and ordered the wrong size snow jogger, once the order has gone through you can't amend it at all - so i know these will have to go back-,paid extra for the next day delivery service as it was 11am and you could do so up until 2pm, which it doesnt tell you until after you order that it will be DHL, anyway i have stayed in all day waiting despite needing shopping! and still no sign of a delivery. just checked yet again on the dhl tracking to find out that they departed from the depot at 3.45pm and the depot is half the length of the country away!!!! despite there being a shop 10 mins down the road. delivery can be upto 9pm but as it is now 8.30pm am i likely to get them today?? really needed them to trudge through the snow to take ds to mother's before work which is a half hour walk!!!

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