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To think it's time to get some serious booze in for Christmas

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MerrilyDefective Mon 29-Nov-10 22:56:57

...and try not to drink it all.

I bought a bottle of Baileys (£9 in ASDA).
Two days later it was gone.

Some fuckers been at it.

AnyFucker Mon 29-Nov-10 22:57:53

Baileys is serious booze ??


SoMuchToBits Mon 29-Nov-10 22:58:16

Lol, I was just going to say there would be no point getting mine in this early - it would definitely be gone by Christmas grin

SoMuchToBits Mon 29-Nov-10 22:58:44

Not Baileys, I hasten to add, I hate the stuff...

newwave Mon 29-Nov-10 23:00:40

Been there and done that, 3 x 12 bottle cases of wine bought on Friday, 3 bottles gone on Saturday night between two of us.

MaureenMLove Mon 29-Nov-10 23:02:18

Guilty of Baileys special offer scam too. sad

MerrilyDefective Mon 29-Nov-10 23:02:41

I love Baileys.
Only ever get it at Christmas.
And drank it in two days.

Am sitting here wishing it wasn't 11 o'clock with only one can of Stella left(DPS, but thats never made a difference before).

AuraofDora Mon 29-Nov-10 23:05:13

got some nice wine stashed from France earlier this year but yes need to stock up
though this would be full of codes and things..sorry have none to add either and not much offers that i can see
dont much like Bailey's, beer, whisky and anything bar vodka! not short wink

MerrilyDefective Mon 29-Nov-10 23:07:50

Wine from France stashed earlier this year?????


jessikart Mon 29-Nov-10 23:49:21

Bollocks to that! <drunken cackles>

Buy in the booze you know you won't drink, but are obliged to offer (in my case Baileys and Whiskey, vodka, rum, port), then leave the stuff you actually like until Christmas Eve. Then buy what you like. But double it. Nah, actually, triple it.

Then tipple it.

Baileysandice Tue 30-Nov-10 00:13:03

Baileys is for life not just for Christmas, lol lol!!!

AuraofDora Wed 01-Dec-10 09:50:40

brought some cases back from Bordeaux in August, MD, and dh didnt let me touch much; twas a genius plan - it's all there for christmas!

bailey's tastes industrial to me, like proper Irish Coffee though if done right
a whisky mac too hmmm..
love port, sherry, whisky, so sorted for this time of year

ClaireDeLoon Wed 01-Dec-10 10:01:47

I've surprised myself (and DP) by having a bottle of baileys, half a dozen bottles of sancerre, half a dozen bottles of champagne plus a few bottles of malbec hanging around unopened for a few weeks now.

Mum2HarryandBen Wed 01-Dec-10 11:08:29

hide the Bailey's, get sloshed when making Christmas dinner, you deserve it!

sixpercenttruejedi Wed 01-Dec-10 11:47:23

DM has just dropped off a load from france. Boxes of red and white and crate of dumpies.
Already got in the mulled wine. That's not a bad start, I reckon.

nannynobblystockingnobs Wed 01-Dec-10 11:51:47

We have booze that we can't drink yet as it's not ready; sloe gin, hawthorn and rosehip vodka, and christmas pudding vodka (not as vile as it sounds, does not contain pudding). Despite my valiant efforts they are as yet undrinkable Apart from that, so far we have ginger wine, bourbon and sailor jerry's, all of which I dislike. Bah!

Anniegetyourgun Wed 01-Dec-10 12:10:43

Thanks for reminding me, I bought three bottles of Baileys the other week because they were on such a good offer it would be rude not to grin Haven't been drinking it because I need to drive most days, but given that driving doesn't seem to be an option at the moment, maybe it's time to rummage it out. It's definitely rich thick drink weather.

sixpercenttruejedi Wed 01-Dec-10 12:20:40

oooo, whats xmas pudding vodka? sounds good.

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