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Not aibu but did you see JB on come dine with me last week?

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eToTheiPi Mon 29-Nov-10 18:04:59

The French guy in Birmingham? He works in a very famous restaurant with a chef who has been on Great British Menu! Check his website ( am I allowed to name it?) do you think he had much help with his menu?

LifeForRent Mon 29-Nov-10 19:03:56

Did I see him? Ding Dong !! He obviously had help, and yes you're allowed to name I can stalk- him look at where he works.

Mammie81 Mon 29-Nov-10 19:08:26

Did he win? I missed Fridays!

LifeForRent Mon 29-Nov-10 19:10:44

Yeah I think he did. I can't remember, I sky + them all and watch odd ones all the time!!

eToTheiPi Mon 29-Nov-10 19:44:53

He's the restaurant manager at Purnells. Look up team on the website and there's only Glyn and him!! Yes he did win. Mum was thinking of taking Dad there as he retires tomorrow nut they're off to Richard Corrigan's place in London instead, think his food is more my Dad's cup of tea!!

Bit naughty to have that link and not mention it don't you think?

eToTheiPi Mon 29-Nov-10 19:49:13

But not nut!

LifeForRent Mon 29-Nov-10 19:49:39

Tell your mum I shall accompany if your dad isn't interested!! I'll Google it now sigh.

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