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to tie DH up? . .

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FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:50:29

to stop him putting the heating off?

It's -2 here and he keeps turning it off!


Errmmmm Sun 28-Nov-10 15:51:16

Kill him.

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:52:35

am close! every time I go through it's off again, if he wants cold he can bugger off outside into the snow!

SummerRain Sun 28-Nov-10 15:52:36

We have no heating and we're not dead yet <<< shrugs shoulders >>>

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:54:02

well, i am not claiming i will die hmm

Errmmmm Sun 28-Nov-10 15:54:31

I'm wearing two jumpers (and a t-shirt underneath those) and I'm bloody freezing. I'm considering lighting the wood burner, but I'm nearly out of wood shock

ChippingIn Sun 28-Nov-10 15:54:56

Is he worried about the cost? (With good reason or just penny pinching?) or does he really not feel the cold?

YANBU either way

Tell him next time he turns it off you will wearing your thermals to bed all winter and they will not be coming off!

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:56:25

he justdoesn't feel the cold, the cost isn't an issue, his dad is the same, forever switching off radiators

HecateQueenOfWitches Sun 28-Nov-10 15:56:35

Other way round here. Himself always wants the heating on, I want it off.

My argument is that if he is too cold, he can always put on a thick jumper, wear his slippers etc, whereas if I am too hot, short of stripping naked, there's nothing I can do.

So he can be comfortable with it off, whereas I cannot with it on.

So I win. grin

In short - stick a jumper on and stop moaning grin

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:57:03

i think i will tie him up and leave him beside the radiator!

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 15:58:11

have got a jumper and duvet on, i am very chilly sadly,sleep with socks and two duvets!

AuntiePickleBottom Sun 28-Nov-10 15:59:36

chuck him out to clear the snow off the path if he is that warm

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 16:02:19

good idea..then he will come in and say the house is much too hot..unless i lock the door! grin

KaraStarbuckThrace Sun 28-Nov-10 16:02:35

Divorce him, citing mental and physical cruelty. Then marry a rich bastard.

Or whore him out to pay for the heating bill.

baabaapinksheep Sun 28-Nov-10 16:02:47

Hecate - maybe that is why he wants it on wink

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 16:03:19

all good suggestions! grin

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 16:11:10

he has just offered to 'give me something to warm me up '

a fire, i hope!

Dexterrocks Sun 28-Nov-10 16:15:00

Tee hee! grin

ChippingIn Sun 28-Nov-10 16:45:41

A fire, nice hot toddy - perfect. He's deluded if he thinks you are getting naked when you are this cold!!

It is hard to come to an agreement on heating - it's miserable being too hot and too cold... hard to find the middle ground.

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 16:47:16

turns out he was too hot as he was doing stuff in the kitchen next to the boiler. now he is through in sitting room he is in agreement that we need the heatimg on. hmm

ChippingIn Sun 28-Nov-10 16:50:45


I thought it was bloody freezing in this room - if anyone had come in and told me it was lovely and warm in here I would have shot them - however, I had to make a quick trip into the frezer bathroom and now coming back into it, it does feel nicer

It's all perspective isn't it grin

Em3978 Sun 28-Nov-10 16:53:39

I was about to post a similar thread.

DH suggested putting the heating on at 15deg, cos after all, thats 20deg warmer than outside. I was sat here in three layers inc a v large jumper, 2 pairs of socks, a fleece blanket, hot wheatbags and a laptop...

seemed to think i was being odd when i asked for a few more degrees!!!

18deg now and i feel thawed

(yes i did go and sneak it up when he wasn't looking!!!)

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 28-Nov-10 16:54:00

FIL always comes in from outdoors and turns heating off, so MIL and I are freezing.

LittlebearH Sun 28-Nov-10 17:03:04

Me and DP always have central heating wars.

I turn it on and he turns it off. It fucks me right off. I have low blood pressure like a lot of women and I think that may have something to do with the fact I feel more cold than he does.

MardyBra Sun 28-Nov-10 17:16:35

I thought this was going to be a pervy bondage thread grin <backs off disappointed>

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