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to not pick my kids up tomorrow

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MrsCosmopolite Sat 27-Nov-10 21:53:48

My kids went to their dads yesterday for the weekend, he lives in Newcastle and I live in North Yorkshire.

All day it has been snowing and the roads are terrible, I've checked the highways agency and both the A1 and A19 have warnings for hazardous driving conditions.

If the roads are still considered hazardous tomorrow, AIBU to leave my children at their dads until such a time that it is safe to make the journey to pick them up. I've already spoken to him and he's fine with keeping them for an extra day or so, but I'm thinking of school - DCs are Y8 and Y7. From the schools point of view, AIBU to not risk the journey?

I'm kicking myself for letting them go

ShanahansRevenge Sat 27-Nov-10 21:55:42

Of coure YANBU! It could result in disaster! school and they will totally uderstand. It's fine. Kids will be thrilled about it too.

SylvanianFamily Sat 27-Nov-10 21:56:21


Coca Sat 27-Nov-10 21:56:36

YANBU you dafty smile

MagnamOfChristmasCheer Sat 27-Nov-10 21:56:39

No YANBU. If the roads are still hazardous its better they stay with dad until safer to drive.

Hulababy Sat 27-Nov-10 21:59:48


MrsCosmopolite Sat 27-Nov-10 22:01:04

Thanks I was 99.9999% sure I was not BU but there was that tiny shred of doubt.

NorthernLurker Sat 27-Nov-10 22:02:35

No yanbu. The A1 is fine up to York at the moment - we've come back from my sister's wedding that way today but mil came down from Scotland yesterday & it was horrid then!

Julezboo Sat 27-Nov-10 22:15:00

Chances are schools will be closed anyway wink

colditz Sat 27-Nov-10 22:15:41

It's not a critical journey, don't drive.

TheCrackFox Sat 27-Nov-10 22:30:26


MaudOHara Sat 27-Nov-10 22:32:06

Far better everyone stays safe and warm than getting stranded for hours - YANBU

blackeyedsusan Sat 27-Nov-10 22:33:08

err, how will school know exactly how bad the roads are near your ex? tell them that they are snowed in at their dads. the police often say essential journeys only, so uanbu.

2shoesnightmarebeforechristmas Sat 27-Nov-10 22:33:12

better to leave them safe with him than risk it.

bupcakesandcunting Sat 27-Nov-10 22:35:10


You are on a slippery slope. Next you won't want to take them to school because the sun is too hot. Man up.


altinkum Sat 27-Nov-10 22:37:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2rebecca Sat 27-Nov-10 22:38:02

YANBU, the kids safety is more important than anything else. A few days and the roads should be safe again. Main roads aren't usually unsafe for long.

hairytriangle Sat 27-Nov-10 22:40:30


hairytriangle Sat 27-Nov-10 22:41:03


itsybitsy08 Sat 27-Nov-10 22:52:42

If its anything like here (sunderland) yanbu!
We are literally going to be snowed in if it carries on how its going! There are high winds forecast too and there is about 8/9 inches of snow on top of sheets of ice. Tis a bloody nightmare and not worth the risk! There are some nuts out on the roads too!

charley24 Sat 27-Nov-10 22:54:48

I am in Sunderland too, don't risk it, we can't drive our car it's stuck outside, we spent an hour digging it out (ford ka) only to find it couldn't get up the hill at the top of our street, kept stalling.!

altinkum Sat 27-Nov-10 22:55:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stickylittlefingers Sat 27-Nov-10 22:58:47

no, keep an eye on the road situation... I'm not looking forward to Monday's commute into Newcastle (all supposing the school's open). I feel very for you though having your dc away, horrible. But of course safety has to be paramount.

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