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to wish there was someway to differentiate busy people from panic buyers

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Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 14:15:58

I work full time and most nights have stuff to do as well as DD's to get to bed so I do my full weekly shop on a saturday, yes, it's a pita, but it's not too bad.

Except yesterday it snowed for about, ooh, an hour, and now everyone has decided the apocalypse is HERE.

I even went to sainsbury's as it is normally quieter than tesco/asda/anywhere else and it was heaving with nobbers buying random things like reduced meat (er, if you get snowed in, it will still be out of date...) and multibuy packs of orange juice (I swear one guys trolley had about 10 loaves of bread, a cowful of milk and 10 cartons of juice, so they won't get scurvy then hmm

mangoandlime Sat 27-Nov-10 14:20:19


online shopping is there for a reason.

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 14:26:20

I can't do online shopping though as I am not normally here to collect it, the weekend slots all vanish round here in seconds plus im too cheap to pay for it

And if anyone mentions OCado I am throwing a strop. We dont have it. Asda or tesco.

A;lthough we did get Toy Story 3 for £7!

mangoandlime Sat 27-Nov-10 14:30:51

If you have a Waitrose, they have WaitroseDeliver. Free delivery too.

No Ocado for me either, I cope. Just.

catinthehat2 Sat 27-Nov-10 14:31:41

erm Ilythia - "reduced meat (er, if you get snowed in, it will still be out of date...)" - it's cheaper and it goes in the freezer....

FunkySnowSkeleton Sat 27-Nov-10 14:34:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xmasfairy7cakes Sat 27-Nov-10 14:37:02

grin get the evening delivery slot. I do, that way I put the shopping away when the dcs are in bed and not going through the bags to see what I have bought.

I love the panic buyers.

Mistymoo Sat 27-Nov-10 14:38:21

How do you know what a normal shop is for anyone? If there are offers on I buy in bulk. It is cheaper and we do have a freezer as catinthehat2 said.

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 14:40:57

shh cat, i realised that as i pressed post, but still, a load of minging brown lamb chops? if you are panic buying why nt get the nice stuff in?grin

No waitrose either. We live too far west to exist to them I think.

NotAnotherBrick Sat 27-Nov-10 14:42:19

Are you really not in from 8-11pm all day every day? shock

We get our sainsburys delivered between 9 and 11 on a weekday evening.

bamboobutton Sat 27-Nov-10 14:43:44


we had a dusting of snow overnight.

dh goes to sainsburys to buy bits to make lunch and it was heaving there, people double parking and allsorts! all the milk had gone and so had the bread. dh reported seeing people with trolleys full of just milk and bread shock he ended up buying prepacked sandwiches for lunch.

it's just bloody 'i'm alright jack' selfishness.

the snow has all melted here too. what a load of fuss about nothing.

catinthehat2 Sat 27-Nov-10 14:45:49

However, I have a funny feeling that there's going to be a few holes in my online delivery due Tuesday

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 17:28:14

I don't like online shopping, I find it takes longer to input all the shopping than it does to just go and buy it, and I am paying for the privelige to (normally) have to end up going to the shop anyway.

Why can't I just shop anyway without being surrounded by people who think a few flakes of snow means we are all going to starve to death. PLus it's blue skies and nothing on the ground ehre.

Am irritated as we have had to cancel our weekend away as our friends are nearly snowed in with more forecast and we can't risk getting stuck theresad

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 17:32:00

so people shouldn't be panic buying, yet your friends are snowed in and there's more snow forecast!

I went shopping today. Partly was unsure when I'd get out again becasue of the snow but also our cupboards were bare was running low earlier in the week and then both DCs were ill, one after the other!

Deemented Sat 27-Nov-10 17:32:09

Aww, chuck.

I'd offer to have you come and annoy me, but we're the house of pox and carless to boot.

domesticsluttery Sat 27-Nov-10 17:32:21


It may come as a suprise to a lot of people, but there are some places in the UK where you can't shop online with supermarkets. I think you have to be within 25 miles of a store. We don't have a Tesco, Asda or Sainsburys (and don't even mention Ocado) within 40 miles of us, let alone 25.

Some people actually have no choice but to enter the store...

mangoandlime Sat 27-Nov-10 17:32:38

Not usually, Ilythia. Perhaps the first time but subsequent orders are half the time. And you're at home, without nobby people getting in your way, that isn't going to change so you'll just have to, if you want any peace!

superv1xen Sat 27-Nov-10 17:55:40

i fucking hate shopping this time of year, shops are rammed full of dithering twats getting in the way angry

online is the way to go.

badfairy Sat 27-Nov-10 17:56:00

I have to say I became an online convert when I was pregnant with DS2 2 years ago and since then unless it's something I forgot or a random birthday present everything is bought online. Christmas will be too

mangoandlime Sat 27-Nov-10 18:03:07

This has just reminded me to order my turkey for collection!

JeezyPeeps Sat 27-Nov-10 18:41:23

And some people don't buy their shopping every week - some do an occasional bulk buy. I used to do this (when I would borrow a car occasionally, before we had our own, and I know people that do this as standard).

Just because someone has a lot in their trolley doesn't necessarily make it 'panic buying'!

mitochondria Sat 27-Nov-10 19:00:05

I went shopping today. It was hideous.

Mostly people stocking up for Christmas, from what I could see.

Although the woman in front of me at the checkout had been panic buying Smartprice fairy cakes. She must have had about 20 packets.

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 19:05:23

AH but where I live it is clear streets and blue skies, they live miles away, and a mile down an unpaved dirt track, doesn't take much to snow them in!

Ilythia Sat 27-Nov-10 19:06:08

Thanks dee, have ordered in a chinese, girls are in mega strop moods as well, probably for the best yeah right

madwomanintheattic Sat 27-Nov-10 19:13:44

i just used to save my 'standard' shop and just re-order it for the following week/ fortnight, with a few tweaks as necessary. it even asked me 'have you forgotten x, y, z?' if i cancelled them from the order - very sensible.

the evening slots were brill - v often got the kids in bed, delivery, unpack and then settle down to a yummy whatever i fancied that had just been delivered. grin

we do now live a 45 minute drive from the nearest grocery store however, (and it's been -40 with a foot of snow for the last two weeks) <sigh>. having to go to the store when you are risking coming off the road is a pita, but needs must.

am v envy of the chinese - the nearest one is a 30 minute drive and they don't deliver. and driving on ice in the dark freaks me out. grin

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