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to think this is creepy

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adrenalinejunkie Sat 27-Nov-10 03:08:01

i was having a look around a toy shop for something for ds and wandered into the dolls section (i still have a soft spot for barbies collectible ones but still)blush
and i came across a baby born (or some such) set it had a boy baby doll and a girl baby doll dressed up as a bride and groom, i found it very weird tbh ,is it just me?

MadamDeathstare Sat 27-Nov-10 03:14:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 06:45:17

I don't think it's weird if you look at it from the pov of an innocent child. Play with dolls - check. play mummies and daddies - check. play mummies and daddies with dollies - check.

Hell, I used to play barbies and they were always in abusive relationships hmm my ken was always a bastard. hmm Also, I had a transexual barbie called jim. - chopped all his hair off, dressed him in Ken clothes and decided he was male. Ignored the massive bosom.

So erm I'm sure I had a point. It appears to have escaped me.

Ah yes.

Don't overthink it. It's fine.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 06:51:35

I think she means the dolls are meant to be newborn babies and yet are dressed as a bride and groom

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 06:58:34

Yes, I know. And as an adult, I could look at that, with adult eyes, and knowledge of paedophillia and the sexualisation of children etc and I could say "a doll that is supposed to be a baby, dressed up to get married? A baby getting married? getting married therefore grown up, therefore a baby having sex?...

I get the OPs train of thought. I do.

But I am not a child, and a child will not see things with adult eyes either. A child is innocent and will see nothing more than dolls. And will play with them innocently. And will not be influenced in any way by the fact that the baby dolls are dressed in wedding clothes. It will be a game. Nothing more.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 07:02:06

yes, I suppose. I find it odd in that the 'babies' would never choose to dress up in a wedding outfit

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 07:06:35

Yes. And I'm fairly sure that a large group of people would not live in a large yellow teapot with a merrygoround in the lid and a slide in the spout...


The world of the child is such a different place from the world of the adult. There is less emphasis on reality and logic and things making sense.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 07:19:26

very good point
after all i'm fairly sure the dinosaurs didn't run around comedy farting at each other, kissing and saying "allo" to each other in a michael caine accent

ledkr Sat 27-Nov-10 07:29:50

hahaha i was also going to add that none of my babies have ever been married but neither have they ridden a moped at 6 months or swam apefect front crawl

belgo Sat 27-Nov-10 07:58:46

I went into a toy shop recently and a doll started bouncing up and down as I walked past. Now that was creepy!

lal123 Sat 27-Nov-10 08:09:11

Only weird in the same way that a baby would never ride a horse either

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 08:21:44

or drive an ambulance

or ride a scooter

or be able to talk to you

or be a nurse

or be an obstetrician

hee hee. My eldest has just walked in a said "NOOOOOOO! I don't want dolls for christmas!" grin

Callisto Sat 27-Nov-10 08:26:58

DD got one of those hideous horse riding babies for her birthday this year. I hid it and chucked it as soon as I could. Creepy, tasteless and repulsive. (I really don't like dolls though - find all of them weird).

In fact, I've just realised that DD doesn't have any dolls.

adrenalinejunkie Sat 27-Nov-10 13:01:21

Hecate I see your point , I was looking at them with adult eyes I can see your point that children will not see it the way adults do . However I still think it is weird they are newborn babies dressed as a bride and groom it just feels a bit icky the same way baby bratz dolls
wearing mini skirts is icky

NurseSunshine Sat 27-Nov-10 13:15:12

Callisto, does your DD only not have dolls because you throw them away?

OP yabu - THIS is weird

MadamDeathstare Sat 27-Nov-10 13:55:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 15:09:01

See now, I don't see anything wrong with that either.

Unless you think there is ever something wrong, disturbing, unacceptable or innapropriate about breastfeeding, or you put it alongside sex as something young children should be protected from and not be exposed to, then it follows that a breastfeeding doll is just part of make believe, let's pretend, mummies and daddies.

I take my children to the farm where they see a row of piglets suckling. They've seen kittens and puppies feeding. They've seen women feeding their babies.

There's nothing in any of that that is inappropriate for children. imo.

DooinMeCleanin Sat 27-Nov-10 15:13:05

Surely the breastfeeding doll is a good thing? Much better than dolls with bottles as it's teaching children from a v early age that BF is the norm.

But like Hecate, my Ken was always a bastard too. He was got Sindy pregant on the day he married Barbie shock. They then lived together, all 3 of them shock

pozzled Sat 27-Nov-10 15:13:57

I don't see anything wrong with the bfing doll either, except that it's just unnecessary. Children can hold their dolls to their chests to feed them without any special equipment- and I've seen both male and female toddlers do so, just copying mummy.

rastababi Sat 27-Nov-10 15:17:32

Seeing as most dolls come with a bottle to feed it with I also don't see anything wrong with a doll that would breastfeed. DD1 was forever breastfeeding her dolls after DD2 was born!

Agree that marital dolls are part of roll play for children too.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 15:34:09

not keenon the name - "baby Glutton" hmm

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 27-Nov-10 15:38:05

It's a spanish doll, isn't it? Probably lost in translation grin

Kaloki Sat 27-Nov-10 15:38:32

Hecate - seems you weren't alone. My Barbie used to commit suicide by jumping off her house, usually after Ken raped her. I honestly do not know how I even knew about these things! shock I had a lovely almost picturesque childhood - I was obviously just a sick little girl confused

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 27-Nov-10 15:43:15

SPB - yes that is what I thought!! I think the doll is a fabulous idea! But the name is flipping awful.

KaraStarbuckThrace Sat 27-Nov-10 15:44:50

Kaloki - my baby doll used to get regularly abused and beaten and then abandoned by her mother. And then a kind stepmother would take her in!

Strangely no idea where I got that from, my mother did not beat or abuse me and certainly at that age my parents were still together!

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