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To expect the local events I load to stay put?

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Marchpane Fri 26-Nov-10 00:53:57

That's it really. I'm utterly fed up with adding things that are happening locally which then disappear/get deleted.

I've raised it with mnhq several times with no real acknowledgement of the problem. And it isn't them deleting them before you suggest it. I've checked.

I'm starting to feel quite cross seeing boody rip-off theatre workshop with 6 listings and businesses using it as free advertising when the free/charity events I've painstakingly loaded individually have vanished.

Is it so hard to give ownership of a listing so unscrupulous people can't come in and delete it?

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 26-Nov-10 00:57:09

normally they would pay MN for the space to advertise, unless you want to pay to use the site, MN need to make money somewhere

Marchpane Fri 26-Nov-10 01:02:25

I'm refering to the local listings which are free for events. Some people are using it as advertising and not paying MN.

I have no problems with advertising. Just not in the wrong place. I have reported some of the "baby massage coming soon" and "xxx baby shop is fab" listings that have been loaded as events and mnhq have deleted.

Marchpane Fri 26-Nov-10 17:46:35

Just me that's annoyed then smile

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