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DP had Man flu

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canyou Thu 25-Nov-10 20:12:00

I went to work today and in a fever induced moment he painted my porch and hall way Tickle Pink and Sweet Dreams. He was too sick to go to work but not to ill to commit the crime of painting my hall a Colour even DD would not want in her bedroom [think 80's pink/purple bathroom suitesenvy] I want it repainted now!!!! He thinks it will grow on me hmm
He says to ask you was he unreasonable to leave his sick bed and paint the hall or am I as I do appreciate the sacrifice he made [his health is still in question I may murder him yet]

PinkieMinx Thu 25-Nov-10 20:28:32


canyou Thu 25-Nov-10 20:30:24

Just to add he is not even colour blind so no excuse.

curlymama Thu 25-Nov-10 20:31:36

He was unreasonable. What man in their right mind would paint a whole area of the house without agreeing the colour with the other adult in the house?

I would question his health seriously if he thins pinky purple would look good. Maybe he's hallucinating.

The sick bed thing has nothing to do with it. Mr Canyou does NOT get to play that card. He should have gone to work and earnt the money to buy you something pretty.

canyou Thu 25-Nov-10 20:39:52

Pretty would have been a warm buttery colour and he has admitted he has paint for the kitchen green and orange [7 yr old told me], Now we may live in Ireland and we can appreciate the colours but just not in my kitchen which has a white tile floor cupboards are pine and white tiles on the sink area I am returning that, I am sure I have a tin of magnolia in the shed to re paint the hall.
He owes me a night out or .............???
I kind of feel a bit mean he was so proud,

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