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to find the prefix "d" as in ds etc on here really irritating?

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Catnao Thu 25-Nov-10 20:11:53

I have never posted on here before, so perhaps you get used to it?

nickypomtimes Thu 25-Nov-10 20:12:43

's ironic, innit?

NeverEatYellowTaintedSnow Thu 25-Nov-10 20:12:53

I hated it at first, but have reluctantly accepted it as the norm.

LittleWhiteWolf Thu 25-Nov-10 20:13:02

what would you prefer?

Panzee Thu 25-Nov-10 20:13:39

I don't use them. I use son and husband (I don't have any daughters!)

supersalstrawberry Thu 25-Nov-10 20:14:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catnao Thu 25-Nov-10 20:14:50

Iwould prefer son, daughter, partner, etc etc. DS had me confused for a bit til I asked a friend - I kept think of the hand held games.

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 25-Nov-10 20:15:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iwishiwasasleep Thu 25-Nov-10 20:15:11

BH - Bloody husband??

Imarriedafrog Thu 25-Nov-10 20:15:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentZigzag Thu 25-Nov-10 20:15:38

I sometimes think of DD1 and DD2 as DD grin

You don't think the words out in full, they just exist like they would do in another language.

Perhaps you recon it should be FC/FD/FS?

Catnao Thu 25-Nov-10 20:16:10

Well - I thought lots of the topics were interesting was why - but that the d business was annoying.

Imarriedafrog Thu 25-Nov-10 20:17:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maleeka Thu 25-Nov-10 20:17:38

I've never used it either, dont know why, but i just cant bring myself to do it.

I always find it odd when someone is slagging off their "DH" confused

Dolittlest Thu 25-Nov-10 20:17:40

It's just shorthand. I don't read into it too much. I even say my DILs, and they are not dear at all grin

AgentZigzag Thu 25-Nov-10 20:18:29 haven't been here long, you'll find there's plenty of other shite to annoy the fuck out of you.

Come back and tell us when you found something smile

SlightlyJaded Thu 25-Nov-10 20:18:34

Ah but just when you think you are used to it, a new one comes along and you spend hours trying to decipher it without asking. As in:

'AIBU to think that DH should not have told DSBILTR' (Darling Step Brother in Law Twice Removed'

Ok I exaggerated a bit, but I do still sometimes come across 'family' acronyms that make me confused

MrsChemist Thu 25-Nov-10 20:18:46

It's not just MN that uses them though. A few parenting forums I've been on have used DS, DP, DD etc.

curlymama Thu 25-Nov-10 20:18:48

I like how you can leave of the 'd' from DH when you're pissed off with him, and everyone knows what you mean! smile

Catnao Thu 25-Nov-10 20:19:10

Yeah, I get that. But the - d1, d2, s1, s2? Don't find mine dear or darling some of the time. In which cas the substitution fs etc would be good, whoever suggested that.

Unrulysun Thu 25-Nov-10 20:19:11

Fuck knows what you'll make of the pom bears then...


Catnao Thu 25-Nov-10 20:20:11

God - they post fast on here!

mitochondria Thu 25-Nov-10 20:20:57


I don't mind typing that. But I find "ds" and "dh" irritating, and never use them. I can type quite quickly, and there isn't a limit on space here. So I manage the whole word "son".

gapbear Thu 25-Nov-10 20:21:15


Imarriedafrog Thu 25-Nov-10 20:21:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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