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To think Prince Andrew is actually a bit of a hunk!

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starrychime Thu 25-Nov-10 06:12:32

Just saw him on the news - he is my new celebrity crush grin

AlpinePony Thu 25-Nov-10 06:38:40

Blimey. This is the most unreasonable think I've ever seen on mn! shockgrin It knocks fruit-shoots and controlled crying in to a cocked hat!

Animation Thu 25-Nov-10 06:40:34

A hunk a hunk of burning love.

starrychime Thu 25-Nov-10 06:54:43

Oooh, he'll be all dressed up in his uniform for the wedding <excited> He's single just now isn't he?
Disclaimer: don't get out much but still think he's hot!

janajos Thu 25-Nov-10 06:59:52

I agree, he gets better as he gets older.... He's got my vote too.

pinkthechaffinch Thu 25-Nov-10 07:27:14

I've met him <preen> and yes he is rather nice.

<disclaimer> it was 20 odd years ago when I was a prefect in 6th form.

pinkthechaffinch Thu 25-Nov-10 07:28:14

Isn't Wills turning into Prince Edward, though?

HollyGoHeavily Thu 25-Nov-10 07:44:33

That is so wrong, i do not know where to start. Madness.....

FakePlasticTrees Thu 25-Nov-10 07:57:12

If you want the chance to stalk get to meet him, if you look here you can search by Royal to find out his schedule for the next month...

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 25-Nov-10 08:03:47

Oh no, he came to DD's school, she was expecting a cloak and crown but ended up with him.
She was the one one who, in a very loud voice said, 'what the fat man?'

5DollarShake Thu 25-Nov-10 08:07:53

He's acquired a bit of padding - fo shiz.

And yes, William was the spit of Edward in his recent TV interview. shock

Kitta Thu 25-Nov-10 08:50:06

Have to admit I did look twics when he was on the news. . has def improved with age

Divawithattitude Thu 25-Nov-10 20:21:42

YES, you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atswimtwolengths Thu 25-Nov-10 20:46:41

God, he's absolutely vile! What are you thinking of?

TheRedQueen Thu 25-Nov-10 20:57:06

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Absolutely unreasonable.

LunaticFringe Thu 25-Nov-10 20:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bupcakesandcunting Thu 25-Nov-10 20:58:44

YANBU he was my first ever crush and I still have a soft spot for him.

AgentZigzag Thu 25-Nov-10 20:58:57

I heard him on the news yesterday, and was quite impressed that he talked in a 'normal' and un-plummy voice.

How'd he manage that?

CerealOffender Thu 25-Nov-10 20:59:53

i presume inbred and simultaneously chinless and double chinned wonders are your thing?

Lizzabadger Thu 25-Nov-10 21:02:07

Oh my god you're all bvvu!!

Dylthan Thu 25-Nov-10 21:02:25


When dh was in the RAF he came to do a station inspection and came to their section. Dh says he was the most rude and arrogant man he had ever met.

Arrogance is enough to make anyone unattractive imo, and that's despite the fact the he is definatly not attractive in the first place.

I feel a trip to specsavers may be on the cards for you.

brimfull Thu 25-Nov-10 21:07:04


mugggletoeandwine Thu 25-Nov-10 21:08:41

He's gay not hot at all.

SuePurblybiltByElves Thu 25-Nov-10 21:10:42

Hmmm. I wouldn't and I'd do Charles. YABU.

newwave Thu 25-Nov-10 21:10:54

Cereal double

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