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To think that the HeadTeacher might know my son wears a coat??

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TheGoddessBlossom Wed 24-Nov-10 21:28:38

Note in my 4 year old's book bag from head teacher today - "Please ensure Toby wears a warm coat to school as it is quite chilly"...

My sons wear a winter coat to school every day. They both, at the school's year round stipulation, have a waterproof cagoule on their peg. Everyday without fail, he comes home with the cagoule on. He must also be picking the cagoule up instead of the warm coat, at playtime. I have told him which coat to put on. His teachers have seen him with me, every morning wearing the warm coat. I appreciate there are 80 kids in school and the teachers can't be expected to note which coat is which child's! But it has annnoyed me! What can I do, I'm not bloody there all day to help him select the right coat. And it has just wound me up that the Headteacher feels the need to tell me my son needs a suitable coat to wear! Arghh!!

parakeet Wed 24-Nov-10 21:30:57

Tomorrow and an envelope in to the school office/ head's secretary. In it put the note, and write underneath it. "I do. Please ensure he wears it."

parakeet Wed 24-Nov-10 21:31:31

"hand an envelope in"

AMumInScotland Wed 24-Nov-10 21:33:01

How about "Toby does wear a warm coat to school every day. Perhaps you could ask his teacher why he never wears it on the way home, as I'm interested to know."

PinkElephant73 Wed 24-Nov-10 22:33:09

how does he wear a winter coat to school everyday if he comes home with the cagoule on confused

TheGoddessBlossom Thu 25-Nov-10 12:22:28

The cajoule lives at school. They ask us to leave a waterproof coat on their pegs all year round....

RockinRobinBird Thu 25-Nov-10 12:26:20

I think what PinkElephant means is if the cagoule comes home instead of the coat, how does he wear the coat to school the next day?

stealthsquiggle Thu 25-Nov-10 12:30:11

I was wondering about the logistics of that one too - unless he has lots of warm coats at home?

Could you maybe confiscate the kagoule for a while to break the habit?

elphabadefiesgravity Thu 25-Nov-10 12:33:22

If its anything like my ds he comes out in the thin blazer and I hoik him back inside to retrieve it.

Whilst I do agree that they have 80 plus children or whatever to supervise if they have had time to write a note they have time to just say "Toby have you got your warmer coat, go put it on."

MrsNonSmoker Thu 25-Nov-10 13:07:43

LOL at what Parakeet said. Please do it!!!

MoonUnitAlpha Thu 25-Nov-10 13:10:04

Can you put the cagoule in a bag or something on the peg, so it's more obvious to your ds which coat he should put on?

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