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To be getting a trifle peed off with neigbour who keeps asking to borrow my hoover?

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MummyPenguin Wed 24-Nov-10 17:24:19

She may be a Mumsnetter and if she is and read this, it may just do the trick!! But here's the dilemma. A couple of weeks ago my neighbour asked me if she could borrow my hoover as hers was broken. I like her and her Partner so was happy to help them out. The following week it happened again.. and again.. I've now loaned it to them about four times. She's said something about her Parents moving house and when they do she's getting a hoover off them, but so far this hasn't happened.

The thing is, I really NEED my hoover as I have three messy kids, a cat and two dogs, one of whom moults profusely, so I'm hoovering every day, sometimes twice, so if it breaks, I'm well and truly stuffed. As it is, I've had two hoovers pack up on me in the last couple of months, the one that I (and my neighbour) am using at the moment, I bought off my Sister for a tenner, she bought it second hand from someone else, so it's probably not going to last much longer as it is.

So what do I do? As I said, I like the woman so don't want to cause any awkwardness but I don't see why she can't just buy one, even a cheapie model. There's only her and her Partner and one child at home, they live in a flat and have no pets so they wouldn't need an all singing all dancing model. I'm beginning to think that as long as I keep loaning it to my neighbour, she's going to have no incentive to replace her own hoover. Do I tell her straight that I don't want to keep this up or just say that it's broken or something, the next time she asks, and hope she gets the hint? (Sorry for long-windedness.)

LaurieScaryCake Wed 24-Nov-10 17:26:41

Sweetie if you're hoovering twice a day you should look on this as an opportunity to sit around and eat cake more wink

Tabliope Wed 24-Nov-10 17:27:27

Just say it's been playing up recently and make a joke that you might be knocking her door to ask to borrow her one soon. Hopefully she'll take the hint and go and buy one. The one I have now cost me £30 about 9 years ago and has been brilliant so you're right she doesn't have to go and buy a Dyson or anything.

tastetherainbow Wed 24-Nov-10 17:27:39

Beeen in similiar situation, you dont mind helping but then its a cas of when do you stop helping because its something they expect... i would just tell her its not working or sucking up properly try make good excuse up the first couple of time...if they need your hoover desperately enough to keep asking then if she cant borrow yours as its not working properly she should in theory get herself one asap, isf she was that desperate... i have two kits a cat and dog and i would be lost without my hoover i wish i could give u the answer only advice, but there are people out there that do take advantage...

MummyPenguin Wed 24-Nov-10 17:27:54

Tempting, and I am obsessed with hoovering, my Husband and kids tell me all the time - but it's just the dog hair - I can't bear it!!

TattyDevine Wed 24-Nov-10 17:28:14

Actually I can see why you do hoover with all that going on. And I dont blame you!


tastetherainbow Wed 24-Nov-10 17:28:51

lauriescarycake,...... that was waste of time what u mean is u dont clean and sit on ya bum all day eating cake..or is it you that keeps asking for her hoover??? for tabliope i agree completely with what u said!!

MummyPenguin Wed 24-Nov-10 17:29:30

Thanks tastetherainbow and taliope, I have been thinking along those lines, I'll probably say the suction's gone or something, and hopefully that should be it.

MusieB Wed 24-Nov-10 17:37:01

MP - there is an amazing dog gooming tool called a Groomit - you can get them online. Expensive at £15 but worth every penny as you can get about 1,000% more hair out of the dog than with anything else I've tried. Its quite astonishing how much hair you can groom out of a quite small dog and it still not be bald! Much easier than hoovering twice a day...

tastetherainbow Wed 24-Nov-10 17:37:40

hahaah yeah she cant question if your being truthful, she mite panic your gonna blame her for the so called lack of suction so she might rush down to argos to buy one hahah, you can only try with an excuse take it from there im a clean freak i have to hoover all the time and hoovers are not really that expensive...argos and asdas own brand.... there helping a neighbour and there is taking the p***

LaurieScaryCake Wed 24-Nov-10 17:38:18

I do tastetherainbow wink

a wink usually means a lighthearted joke.

And it's you not u.


MummyPenguin Wed 24-Nov-10 17:45:35

Will look into the Groomit, thanks Musieb. I don't think £15 is too bad and would cheerfully pay that. I've been told about the Furminator but they're about £35, even online, and don't really want to pay that much.

dignified Wed 24-Nov-10 17:56:35

Say nothing and take the belt off grin

ccpccp Wed 24-Nov-10 17:57:43

Lend it to someone else next time shes likely to want to borrow it. No need to lie.

Its worth putting up with no hoover for a few days until shes forced to go and buy herself one.

tastetherainbow Wed 24-Nov-10 17:59:34

dignified...that is hilarious.... mp u have to do that get her to either buy u new one or make her feel bad she gets her own!

booyhoo Wed 24-Nov-10 18:00:55

ok. you use it daily sometimes twice a day. she has used it 4 times in a couple of weeks. if anyone is responsible for it packing in i would think it will be you. but for a twice second hand hoover that cost a tenner, you really couldn't expect it to withstand much more use. she said she will be getting one when her mum moves, i doubt she's talking next xmas. just let her use it and tell her you need it back straight after. if it comes back broken then tell her she will have to replace it.

StealthPolarBear Wed 24-Nov-10 18:03:31

Can you not be "just about to use it" when she calls round?

huntersmum Wed 24-Nov-10 18:05:27

I have just bought a furminator for about £9 on amazon and it really gets the hairs off the dog!!

dignified Wed 24-Nov-10 19:18:38

Hehe at furminater.

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