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to just let dinner ruin and drink G&Ts instead?

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enjolraslove Tue 23-Nov-10 20:41:18

I sort of know I am - well at least just cutting off my nose to spite my face but I need to vent. Got home with dd (18mnths) just after 6 after full day at work, fed her her supper, did a load of washing up, peeled and started to cook pots for mash, sausages, onions for gravy, emptied clothes dryer etc. took her upstairs for a bath feeling rather proud of how much we had managed and with no yelling or tears! dp gets home just after 7, I am running a bath while dd has a good naked run around, putting all clothes away, making our bed (left him in it this morning), sorting next load of washing and stacking up his breakfast pots to go downstairs. He comes in and has a play with dd in the bath - all lovely. I go down and turn onions on to start to cook.
Then 2 minutes later he says 'what are you burning?' I said nothing but lets get her out now then you can finish off dinner while i put her in pjs,feed her (still bf so has to be me) and put her to bed. He goes off to do that. A few minutes later yells up the stairs 'onions are burnt and ruined'. (really adding to the peaceful bedtime mood!). anyway, dd goes to bed I come downstairs and say in jokey way 'if you ever yell at me about burning stuff when I have just made you dinner and taken care of dd I will have to throw it at you' Instead of laughing at burnt onions, dp then lectures me on how 'he knew it was burning' 'onions were ruined' 'had to throw them out' for about 5 minutes. I just sat there in silence.

then told him I was upset by all that and that I didn't want to eat with him but would just get on with my work. he tried to apologise but I am still so fed up, I just want to cry/scream at him so am avoiding talking.

so - dinner is now cooked, but not being eaten. i am being silly aren't I?

aleene Tue 23-Nov-10 20:45:09

Oh poor you. You have had a busy day, juggling home and DD and still have work to do this evening? Your DH needs told to support you and be more helpful. Tell him to get himself into the 21st century!

tethersend Tue 23-Nov-10 20:50:11

Pour a large G&T. And pour him one too.

Then have a big sit down and order a chinese.

You are both tired and hungry.

enjolraslove Tue 23-Nov-10 21:03:43

thank you both for your kindness- having stopped feeling so angry and self pitying now. think i will try to use this 'make up' as a time to talk about all the little bits that have been winding me up. dp is great and does a lot around the house really but just 'doesn't see' other stuff - like can quite happily walk out of our room and go downstairs without carrying the mug by the bed. makes me want to throw it at him.

Asteria Tue 23-Nov-10 21:04:53

Large G&T, then another, then eat supper

tethersend Tue 23-Nov-10 21:08:30

It's not just you.

In fact, I think I may be your DH.

pointythings Tue 23-Nov-10 21:33:33

Second the G & T and chinese. It sounds like your DH could be doing more around the house, TBH. I know he --works and you don't-- is in apid employment and you are not, but that doesn't mean you haven't had a full day's work with your DD.

pointythings Tue 23-Nov-10 21:34:18

Damn strikeouts gone wrong!

And 'paid', not 'apid'


enjolraslove Tue 23-Nov-10 22:16:24

Thanks again but just to point out- I work full time, dp part time.
Just realized that sounds like I am making some sahm versus job point which it isn't at all. I literally mean I have a full time (paid) job, approx 60 hours per week, dp works 3 days at most (self employed so varies).

aleene Tue 23-Nov-10 23:36:17

You are full time and he is part time? You are even more NBU! Hope your evening panned out okay in the end. Sometimes men partners need to be told where they are being insensitive.

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