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I'm starting to think I am a bit....

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OooohShiny Mon 22-Nov-10 21:32:44

little bit of back history....

DH's family rarely visit us, once, sometimes twice a year and will only come if specially invited. That's fine on the whole although it can be a pain but DH's mum is elderly and doesn't drive and his sister has 2 DCs so it's easier for us to go there on the whole.

The last 2 years his sister has missed my birthday and this year has just royally pissed me off. I got a card from his mum with a note advising me that my present was there and had been for 2 weeks almost and when was I coming to pick it up, his sister phoned 3 days after to say, sorry I didn't post your card but I didn't have a stamp...oh and when are you coming to collect your present.

Instead we invited them down here but we unfortunately both had flu and had to cancel so we called to rearrange but DH's sister couldn't pick a date - she promised to get back to us with a suitable date and so far hasn't.

Apparently DHs mum is now rather angry with us because she's not seen me since before my birthday and it's all our fault for not organising anything.....dopey DH forgot to mention to her that we're waiting for his sister to organise a date.

I am bizarrely miffed by all this considering I'm generally not fussed about birthdays.

I'm being unreasonable to be annoyed, aren't I?

ronshar Mon 22-Nov-10 21:34:57

Not at all. My dh family pretty much the same. Almost like we are the poor relations who they only bother with when they can be arsed!

So no I dont think you are being unreasonable at all.

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