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to have bought sledges today?

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RealityIsWellFit Mon 22-Nov-10 18:24:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikki1978 Mon 22-Nov-10 18:26:35

Don't think we are going to get it deep enough to sled in but we probably will at some point soon and the sledges will be sold out then so either way it was a good move grin

MrsNonSmoker Mon 22-Nov-10 18:29:58

I think so too - top move.

kanchan Mon 22-Nov-10 18:51:01

I bought a big sledge last year in September....DH thought I was mad but it got used so much! This September I bought 2 more so all 3 kids have one....I'm keeping my fingers crossed

discobeaver Mon 22-Nov-10 18:52:42

Depends where you live. Last year in Devon it snowed, we used a skimboard, it was great!

You could always use the sledge on some sand dunes in the summer if you don't get snow. I say good move too.

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Mon 22-Nov-10 18:52:44

don't know where she got her information from but my sister told me today that it was going to snow from friday onwards.

you may have had a prophetic moment smile

geisha Mon 22-Nov-10 18:54:55

I was on Amazon first thing although I'm sure we won't get much snow in this neck of the woods!

feelingfairlyfestive Mon 22-Nov-10 18:55:51

I bought mine online at half term. Bring on the snow!

Smithagain Mon 22-Nov-10 18:56:43

Me too. So it probably won't snow now until at least 2014 grin

MamaVoo Mon 22-Nov-10 18:56:48

YANBU. I bought one a couple of months ago on the basis of a thread on here saying that we'd have snow (I'm in the SE too). MN is more reliable than any Met Office forecast.

feelingfairlyfestive Tue 30-Nov-10 21:00:43

I still have no snow so sledge are still in the loft. Hope you are all getting use out of yours.

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