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to think that toilets should be flushed when out in public?

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IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 21-Nov-10 20:14:46

DH and I went to the theatre last night.

I used the toilet before the show started, queued up and waited for a cubicle to become free. I was a bit shock when the lady coming out of the cubicle said to me, "I've not flushed, I only passed water!".

AIBU to think that if this is what you do at home, you should flush the toilet after use in public places even if you did only pass water?!

whoknowswhatthefutureholds Sun 21-Nov-10 20:16:11

well guess it was only water, piss on the other hand....!

KathyImLost Sun 21-Nov-10 20:17:37

Haha, yes. Because what if you did a dump, and then there was splashback. It wouldn't even be your splashback.

Not that I'm saying you do dumps at the theatre. Ahem.

2rebecca Sun 21-Nov-10 20:43:05

Yes, although I've found alot of theatre toilets & the like don't cope well when used non stop and block easily, or are slow to refil so won't flush if you've gone just after the last person.
As a general principal I think always flushing public toilets is more hygeinic. If she really thought it was OK she wouldn't have commented on it. I doubt she comments that she's flushed because she's had a poo!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 21-Nov-10 21:20:18

Thanks for your thoughts!

DH thought she was probably thinking of the environment confused.

otchayaniye Sun 21-Nov-10 23:15:19

In Singapore they can fine you $1000 for not flushing a public bog.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 22-Nov-10 13:36:11

That's a bit OTT!

Who goes around checking?!

madonnawhore Mon 22-Nov-10 13:45:11

What I want to know is: who is the kind of person that smears shit on the toilet seats and walls of cubicles?

I have encountered this a few times now - in fact I was at Somerset House this weekend and went to use the toilets there and one of the toilets had shit smeared on the inderside of the toilet lid. HOW does that even happen? HOW does no one ever get caught doing it?

It's a total mystery.

StealthPomBear Mon 22-Nov-10 13:46:39

am was eating chocolate mousse

madonnawhore Mon 22-Nov-10 13:47:38

Haha, sorry Stealth.

FindingMyMojo Mon 22-Nov-10 13:52:26

I'd say she probably couldn't flush it (they can be bloody slow to fill in theatres/bars etc)& she was just warning you.

I used to work in a busy club & the toilets never filled fast enough to flush properly - feeling quite faint at the memory now but OMG the chaos it caused (thankfully not my job to deal with it but still I was witness to some regular horrors.

StealthPomBear Mon 22-Nov-10 13:58:30

Actually, it takes a lot to put me off chocolate, and this wasn't it!

coatgate Mon 22-Nov-10 14:02:58

If it's brown
Flush it down
If it's yellow
Let it mellow


Not that I follow that adage of course, I am a prolific flusher.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 22-Nov-10 14:14:03

There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the flush - it's a very new place (Wales Millenium Centre) and I've never encountered problems, even at peak times.

I think she was following coatgate's adage, though I'm not sure that it should apply in public!

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