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To agree with a 15 year old questioning why the white race can’t control their alcohol intake

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cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 10:51:58

A very close friend of mine is a Humanities specialist in an inner-city multi-ethnic secondary school. This academic year she has been permitted to teach PSHE (Personal Social Heath Education).

Last night we had dinner at her place and she started to tell me about a conversation that was sparked by a 15year old girl of African origin in a lesson on Friday, which was about ?The effects of alcohol?.
Pupil: Why can?t the majority of the white race control themselves when it comes to alcohol.

Teacher: Can you try and expand on what your?re saying maybe give some examples.

Pupil: When I?ve watched programmes on telly documenting Brits abroad, booze Britain, cop shows etc, you always see white people drinking to the extreme and causing more work for the police, damage to council property (criminal damage, urinating in shop entrances, vomiting, fighting etc) , disturbing the peace and the occasional flash of their bums. Why can?t they handle their drink.

AIBU, because I feel that the girl highlighted some salient points which I somehow agree with. Growing up I always saw white teenagers drinking on street corners and I have never been asked by a kid of any other race to go into a shop and buy some alcohol for them.

Furthermore, when am out with my friends from various races, its always the my white counterparts who all of a sudden develop social shyness and need a drink before they can get on the dance floor or speak to the opposite sex....WHY!!!

Apparently the pupil went on to say that an elder in her community used a analogy of a werewolf to describe alcohol and white people. In the day they are normal law abiding citizens, then at night they switch into a uncontrollable wolf looking to cause devastation.

Now I know this isn?t true of all white people but does seem to be a typical feature.

Chil1234 Sun 21-Nov-10 10:56:58

YABU. 'White race' covers such an enormous and varied collection of nationalities that it's quite wrong to generalise it or stereotype. Some people in our society might have a problem understanding when enough's enough but that can't be extrapolated and said to be typical - even within the UK. Alcoholism and heavy drinking is, unfortunately, a feature of many cultures and the colour of skin is not the determining factor. Suggest to the African girl that she looks closer to home.

Xenia Sun 21-Nov-10 10:57:26

Just depends on the country. Sadly the Aborigines have a massive drink problem which I think for all kinds of complex reasons is worse than the white population over there.

Allc ultures including tribes in jungles have sought solace in mind altering substances such as alcohol.

Lots of white people don't drink or drink safely. Plenty of non whites drink every Friday night and then beat up their wives, sadly.

WriterofDreams Sun 21-Nov-10 10:58:27

Lumping people into a race isn't helpful. The only way it would be helpful would be if there was some uniting genetic characteristic that made all "white" people susceptible to the lure of alcohol. In fact, white people, like black and asian people are from a range of genetic backgrounds and so the idea that "white" people are big drinkers is the same as saying that people with long hair are sexually promiscuous. It is merely incidental that they are white.

The issue is more to do with society and it would be more relevant to look at why the culture the people you refer to encourages them to drink so heavily.

WriterofDreams Sun 21-Nov-10 10:59:35

the culture of the people

Goblinchild Sun 21-Nov-10 11:00:37

What if it had been a white pupil asking why the black races can't control their need for violence and sexual aggressiveness?
Citing Operation Trident and the situation in numerous African countries of rape as a social norm in some areas?
Would you be considering it in such a measured fashion?

TrillianAstra Sun 21-Nov-10 11:02:24

WoD talks sense. There's a lot more variability within races than there is between races.

ApocalypseCheese Sun 21-Nov-10 11:02:51

Yabu, we have teenagers of all nationalities drinking here i'm afraid and i've been asked to buy alcohol on numerous occasions, the only problem i've had when I said no was by a gang of asian/indonesian teenagers who threw glass bottles at me shock

Unfortunately for them i'm friends with the mother of one of them wink at least one is still grounded 'for life'

HecateQueenOfWitches Sun 21-Nov-10 11:04:29

Is it white people or is it programme makers who film white people. Is it white people or is it living in a country where the majority of people are white so you will see more white people drinking and behaving badly simply because there are more white people full stop?

I know plenty of people who are not white who drink themselves stupid.

I live in a mostly white village. In fact, apart from my husband and children, if there are a dozen none white people I'll be surprised.

So when I look out of my window on a saturday night and see white people staggering home, I could say white people have a problem. Or I could see that the only people around are white people so it's not surprising that's what I see!

If there are 100 white people in a pub and 5 non white people, and 50 white people are drunk and stupid and 2 non white people are - do I say white people have a problem or do I see that it is simply a question of numbers.

BonniePrinceBilly Sun 21-Nov-10 11:04:51

YABU. And moronic in the extreme. And your "friend" will probably be fired.

cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:05:32

I am talking specifically about Britain and their binge drink culture.
Why does it have to abused so much.

LessonsinL Sun 21-Nov-10 11:05:50

Goblinchild has said it pretty much spot on. What if it had been a white person asking why black fathers don't stay to raise their children? (At least, that's what I would have guessed from the media!)


cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:06:17

When would friend be fired, i didnt experess her opinion on here.

Lovecat Sun 21-Nov-10 11:07:03

YABU. What a mad thread hmm

Goblinchild Sun 21-Nov-10 11:07:50

BPB, why would a teacher be fired for asking a pupil to explain a POV with more evidence?

'Can you try and expand on what you're saying maybe give some examples?'

How is that a sackable offence?

MiasmARGGG Sun 21-Nov-10 11:07:59

That's like saying why are all black people violent robbers..


cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:09:23

@ LessonsinL This girl is african. dont get it mixed up with west indian absent fathers.

Chil1234 Sun 21-Nov-10 11:09:32

You specified 'the white race' in your AIBU question... that is hardly specific to Britain. There is a minority binge drinking problem within Britain, an established culture among certain groups of associating 'a good night out' with 'heavy drinking' and it is not exclusive to people of one skin colour. To assume otherwise is quite worong.

2shoes Sun 21-Nov-10 11:09:51

imagine if someone said "black race"
perhaps someone should explain to this delightful" child that you don't judge a whole race by some people's behavior.

cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:10:18

Than goblin

senua Sun 21-Nov-10 11:10:29

"I've watched programmes on telly"

... and programme makers are well-known for presenting things in a measured, non-sensational way.hmm The plural of anecdote is not data.

Are you a troll?
Are you testing us?
I hope that the teacher gave a better response to the pupil's question that you seem to be capable of.

LaraJade Sun 21-Nov-10 11:11:01

WTF!! How racist?? How did your white pupils feel at this comment? People of all races can have addiction probs etc - and the drunken and drugged up yobs in my town are all races.

cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:11:11

People on here already have say blk men are violent robbers who rape their woman

Goblinchild Sun 21-Nov-10 11:11:43

'Than goblin?'

Could you try and expand on what you're saying?

cashmygold Sun 21-Nov-10 11:11:54

I see i have got peoples back up because I said white race. If white is not a race then what is it then?

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