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To really hate The Beatles?

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notnowbernard Sat 20-Nov-10 20:34:19

I find them a bit like a secret I've not been let in on

Find the music tres dull

I get the cultural significance etc but fucking hell, it's been 40-odd years...

GypsyMoth Sat 20-Nov-10 20:35:03

oooh me too!!! watching x fACTOR are you??

SlartyBartFast Sat 20-Nov-10 20:35:21

they were brill. harmonies, singer song writers. you name it. ground breaking - more superlatives

SpringHeeledJack Sat 20-Nov-10 20:35:46

I feel the same about the X factor grin

perfumedlife Sat 20-Nov-10 20:36:24

Me three. And I really don't get the big fuss re Imagine. What a dull song.

As for Cher Lloyd biscuit

MrsChemist Sat 20-Nov-10 20:37:27

It's not so much the music they wrote, but the music that stemmed from what they wrote IYKWIM.

I imagine music being produced now would be different if the Beatles had never existed.

juneybean Sat 20-Nov-10 20:38:30

I thought Imagine was just John Lennon.

SlartyBartFast Sat 20-Nov-10 20:38:57

x factor are ruining them though

Vallhala Sat 20-Nov-10 20:39:07

YANBU. I've never seen the appeal, despite having spent my youth with music business crowd and dating a music journalist.

The music of my youth was very Beatles-influenced and I'm one of The Jam's biggest fans to this day but still I can't see what was ever so fab about the Four.

yama Sat 20-Nov-10 20:39:38


southeastastra Sat 20-Nov-10 20:39:55

i love the beatles and the stones and all 60s british stuff

do you hate a certain era of their stuff or all of their stuff?

ShadeofViolet Sat 20-Nov-10 20:41:45

YANBU - so dull and annoying.

notnowbernard Sat 20-Nov-10 20:41:57

I dislike nearly all of it

I can handle bits of it (Sgt Pepper eg) but most sends me to sleep

Overrated is the word that springs to mind

I love other 60s stuff though

Rockbird Sat 20-Nov-10 20:42:25

I really hate them as well. Overrated bunch who think they are God. Paul MacCartney is a talentless fool who trades on his past but forgets that a) it was long long ago and b) they were no great shakes to start with.

I'm a Jam fan as well and I'll take them any day.

PassionKiss Sat 20-Nov-10 20:42:54


X-Factor is what's shit not the Fab Four!

How very dare you grin

notnowbernard Sat 20-Nov-10 20:43:44

This isn't about the X-Factor btw... I've hated them forever grin

southeastastra Sat 20-Nov-10 20:43:59

do you like the stones? grin

PassionKiss Sat 20-Nov-10 20:44:32

Rockbird shock and you from very near their home town I believe!

LetThereBeRock Sat 20-Nov-10 20:48:28

YABVU. And I'm pretty sure that it's against the law to hate The Beatles.

Hassled Sat 20-Nov-10 20:51:09

You should wash your mouths out, you disbelievers shock.

I don't understand how anyone can write off so many albums and such a huge range of styles - Love Me Do was a very long way from Because. And it's that range that has made them revered, I think.

Imarriedafrog Sat 20-Nov-10 20:51:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curlymama Sat 20-Nov-10 20:51:29

Agree. The Beatles are well overrated. It's completely ruining my Saturday x factor experience!

I'd take the Beatles over the BeeGees any day though.

southeastastra Sat 20-Nov-10 20:52:47

i think the beatles are a band that one day you just suddenly 'get' which is nice grin

perfumedlife Sat 20-Nov-10 20:54:41

southeastastra do you mean like when one day you just 'get' athritus?

notnowbernard Sat 20-Nov-10 20:55:05

I'll never 'get' them, truly

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