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to hibernate throughout the winter

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MadAsASnakeNana Sat 20-Nov-10 17:11:39

As soon as the clocks go back, it's cold, wet/snowy - I just want to lie on the sofa, in pjs, drink hot chocolate/wine and read Georgette Heyer or Terry Pratchett. No energy or interest, don't want to go out, don't want to see people. As soon as spring/summer arrives and it's light until late in the evening - I've tons of energy, love going out, seeing people etc.
Is this a female thing/SAD syndrome?

overmydeadbody Sat 20-Nov-10 17:13:17

Don't think it is a female thing. If you don't feel depressed with it it's prob not SAD.

Your plan sounds utterly reasonable to me! I love snuggling up indoors and sleeping lots over winter.

InnocentRedhead Sat 20-Nov-10 17:17:27

That is all anyone wants over the Winter period, well its all i want to do!!! So from my point of view i think it is a female thing. From a medical thing it may be a touch of the winter blues, not SAD. SAD is definately where you a depressed during the winter, crying, depression etc. Everyone wants to be cosy so if you want a duvet day in winter, have one!

saorachd Sat 20-Nov-10 17:19:50

Oh, grizzly bears have it sussed.

That sounds like a brilliant idea, MadAs but I don't think it is an exclusively female thing.

Would you consider hiring a powerful SAD light which you could use for 20 minutes or so each morning? They seem to kick start your energy and it lasts for a good few hours.

Sorry, but once the curtains are closed, I want to go to bed with a hot water bottle and cocoa so YANBU.

MadAsASnakeNana Sat 20-Nov-10 17:34:57

You're right, not depressed - so not SAD. Just can't be arsed to do anything. Will have another glass or wine or two!

Baileysandice Fri 26-Nov-10 03:17:35

I am with you on this. Have told DH that we are hibernating this weekend due to bad weather. Looking forward to staying indoors, feeling all cosy. Plan on cacthing up on chores, maybe going in loft, baking. Also going to be great tv on Sat night. Making homemade soup too.

Morloth Fri 26-Nov-10 05:49:03

Personally, I have flown south. There are many things I will miss from the UK but your winters are not one of them.

I am sitting on my back deck, icy cold chardonnay in hand, DS1 in pool, DS2 snoozing in portacot next time me, it is around 27 degrees with just the slightest breeze to disperse the humidity a touch.

Animation Fri 26-Nov-10 06:14:03

I think that's the key to a happy winter - if you surrender to winter and enjoy hibernation.

If you resist you get sad. sad

sunnydelight Fri 26-Nov-10 06:52:48

Raises a glass to Morloth while kids swim in 29 degree pool!

iTigress Fri 26-Nov-10 07:23:23

Feck off Morloth or I shall come jump in the pool and splash water all over your Chardonnay.

I'm on the coldest bus ever on my commute.

mousesma Fri 26-Nov-10 07:27:02

YADNBU I can't bear winter. I hate the clothes, I hate the weather and I hate the dark.
I also hate all those people who go on about how this is the best time of year ... bastards

RockinRobinBird Fri 26-Nov-10 07:28:29

That doesn't appeal at all Morloth. Much as it's cold here I still prefer winter and being cosy. I hate being hot.

AbsofCroissant Fri 26-Nov-10 08:24:47

I totally get where you're coming from. If going outside means that you feel like your ears are about to freeze off and you start losing feeling in your nose, then it's worthless.

I'm at work at the moment, but DP's off ill today and I don't think he'll leave for at least three days (lucky sod).

wickedorwhat Mon 10-Jan-11 15:41:45

oh i have to completely agree, i have no energy in winter and wish to hibernate throughout. perhaps we could have a sort of reverse siesta type thing in blighty where we have shorter working hours and a longer christmas holiday. i know not everyone would be up for this but i bet our mediteranean friends take full advantage of their siestas. well, its a nice thought !!

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