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to be sick of harry potter already, its a film fgs

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southeastastra Fri 19-Nov-10 08:43:03

and shite ones at that

onceamai Fri 19-Nov-10 08:51:37

YABU. It was the first big film I saw with DS when he was 6 (He is 15 now). We have seen them all and they have been a seminal part of the my dcs childhoods as have the books. DD and I are going tonight - can't wait and DS is going with a bunch of mates. We are all looking forward to it.

TrillianAstra Fri 19-Nov-10 08:53:26

YABU because I haen't noticed much fuss about it, there's not much to be sick of.

southeastastra Fri 19-Nov-10 08:55:07

it was just on the news again. maybe you don't watch the news

TrillianAstra Fri 19-Nov-10 08:58:26

You're safe here (unless you click on Entertainment)

bruffin Fri 19-Nov-10 09:11:08

onceamai DS is 15 as well. He was 5 when the first HP came out and the first thing he said when the film was finished was "when can we go and see it again"
I haven't seen too much about it, other than the premier which made the news. We are going to see it on sunday.

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