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a suggestion for those drivers not wanting to lift share

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Fibilou Fri 19-Nov-10 00:17:39

a) Put on very loud, very noisy music in car and sing along to it, badly
b) Make car into a total tip
c) Drive too fast and do a few "sudden" manoeuvres
d) See if you can get the car to smell a bit funky

Nobody will ever want to get a lift with you again wink

Thingumy Fri 19-Nov-10 00:21:52

You could also chain smoke with the windows up.

Frazzledmumwithsmudgedmascara Fri 19-Nov-10 00:32:10

Confide in people likely to scrounge a lift that you are feeling suicidal and have many a time whilst driving contemplated just crashing the car or driving off a cliff....

Monty27 Fri 19-Nov-10 00:35:37

Don't agree to lift share


whatkatydidathome Fri 19-Nov-10 00:54:35

Fibilou my car is like that anyway but people still ask - not that many ask twice though thinking about it grin

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 19-Nov-10 01:00:20

really pisses me off, get a car if you want a lift to and from work
a mastercard ad

petrol £40+ per week
tax £210 a year
mot approx £50 ( DP takes car)
insurance £110 per month
wear and tear ( don't get me started)

being able to drive home and listen to cheese...priceless

Appletrees Fri 19-Nov-10 01:00:43

be late and unreliable in the smiliest way possible

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 19-Nov-10 01:04:30

a taxi from my home to work is £9, yet people want this for chance

Appletrees Fri 19-Nov-10 01:06:42

these are only for people that take the p, right?

ICouldHaveWrittenThis Fri 19-Nov-10 01:09:55

I dont' want to lift share. The time I drive to work is the only 4 hours a week i get on my own... I do not want to share it with Michael from the statistics office.

so ner.

ICouldHaveWrittenThis Fri 19-Nov-10 01:12:29

AuntiePickleBottom - £110 a month for insurance? What do you drive?? My car's less than £30 a month insurance.

But yes... people who don't drive - be nice and you'll get lifts. Be presumptious and you'll be left at the bus stop.


Kaloki Fri 19-Nov-10 01:16:40

At the bus stop Icouldhavewrittenthis? That's generous, why not some dodgy out of the way country lane? grin

AuntiePickleBottom Fri 19-Nov-10 01:21:57

shamefully for a petrol head a poxy standard ford i hate dp for writing off my fully kitted baby (also he took all my no claims the wanker) sorrrryyy a sore subject.

i am 24 so i guess it don't help that i drive a 1.8, but i have never drove anything lower, my baby was 2.0 litre car, when dp wrote that off it was a 2.3 so my current car is a major downgrade i hate it.

ItsAllaBitDeathlyQuiet Fri 19-Nov-10 01:29:07

bet it was pink

AphraBen Fri 19-Nov-10 01:30:32

What horrors - endangering the public, yourselves and screwing the environment by insisting in one passenger, one car. Yuk.

ItsAllaBitDeathlyQuiet Fri 19-Nov-10 01:39:19

I pay e40 a month insurance. And just drive past if you don't feel like it.

I picked up a woman at the bus stop the other day. Pissing rain, neighbour, although I don't know her. She got in and promptly opened a bag of cheese and onion crisps and stared at me for the whole journey, while nosily eating crisps.

Got to town without her killing me, and she announces "I wasn't going into town you KNOW??". I said "really? crikey, that's a shame!" and squealed off starsky and hutch stylee.

She's probably still there picking crisps out of her teeth seething.

ItsAllaBitDeathlyQuiet Fri 19-Nov-10 01:44:11

Sticks "I'm a Horror!" badge on lapel

ItsAllaBitDeathlyQuiet Fri 19-Nov-10 01:44:41


Kaloki Fri 19-Nov-10 01:47:20

Are you breaking things there ItsAllabitDeathlyQuiet? grin

No idea what AphraBen is talking about <shrugs>

ItsAllaBitDeathlyQuiet Fri 19-Nov-10 01:50:34

I think I broke the internet Kaloki. Prob just as well, look at the fookin time!

sunnydelight Fri 19-Nov-10 05:20:43

Just say no!

emptyshell Fri 19-Nov-10 07:49:33

Do what a friend of ours inadvertently did to hubby (resulting in me banning him getting any more lifts until friend got his car fixed). Drive with a knackered exhaust, nearly gas the pair of yourself, meaning you nearly crash the flipping car.

He's apparently now got his car fixed thankfully - but I banned all lift sharing from this bloke for a good few months after that.

Hubby's probably going to have to lift scrounge around work for a couple of weeks (and chip in for petrol of course) because he's moving work site for a new job and it's going to be a month before we can pick up a second car.

soggy14 Fri 19-Nov-10 10:02:13

emptyshell a couple of weeks is fine - clear limits - its when it is forever...

QuintessentialShadows Fri 19-Nov-10 10:04:26

[pombear] ????

notalone Fri 19-Nov-10 10:11:57

"really pisses me off, get a car if you want a lift to and from work"

Yeah because it is really that easy for some of us Auntiepicklebottom hmm Many people have medical conditions such as epilepsy which prevents them from driving. Many many people simply cannot afford to run a car and some people are scared of driving. It is not always a simply matter of just "getting a car"

I personally would never dream of asking anyone for a lift. In fact walking is my method of exercising and 99% of the time I prefer to walk and do walk absolutely everywhere. I fully appreciate that many people do not want to give people lifts on a regular basis - particularly if it is going out of your way and costing you money. But on another thread some people were moaning about giving one off lifts to people. Are some drivers that unsociable that they can't bear to share their space even once? Please enlighten me because I am baffled

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