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To tell you to spit out your tea?

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theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:45:02

^Received this email today from
Really disgusted and I will be boycotting these brands^.

Are you drinking tea right now? If so, I hope it's not a cup of PG tips, Lyons or Lipton tea – those brands might leave a nasty taste in your mouth by the time you've finished reading this e-mail.

The multimillion-pound company behind PG tips, Lyons and Lipton teas has caused animals to suffer and die so that the company can make health claims about its teas. By supporting PETA's vital work, you can help us put an end to cruel experiments on animals and make a difference in the lives of countless other animals in need. Please make a donation today.

PETA has uncovered numerous cruel tests that the maker of PG Tips, Lyons and Lipton has conducted on animals to evaluate the effects of tea. The following are just a few examples:

• Rabbits were fed a high-fat diet, giving them abnormally high cholesterol levels and hardened arteries and then fed tea in their water. After the experiment, the rabbits' heads were cut off.

• Mutant Mice bred to suffer bowel inflammation were administered tea ingredients in order to see if there were any effects on their condition. After the test, the mice were killed by neck-breaking or suffocation.

• Rats were forced to eat a high-fructose diet, damaging their brains. Others had their abdominal wall punctured and were fed radioactively labelled tea ingredients through a tube in their stomach. All the animals were later killed.

• Piglets were exposed to E coli toxins which cause diarrhoea. As part of the tests, experimenters cut the pigs' intestines apart while the animals were still alive. The pigs were then killed.

Experimenting on animals is not only cruel but also unnecessary. There are cheaper, quicker and more accurate methods available. Yet every three seconds, an animal dies in a European lab.

Typhoo, Twinings, Tesco and Fortnum & Mason have given PETA written confirmation that they don't test their teas on animals – but the maker of PG tips refuses to end its torment of animals.

Vivisection is a sickening example of exploitation on a massive scale. In 2009, more than 3.5 million individual animals were experimented on in the UK. All but a tiny few are now dead.

Animals in laboratories around the world are abused in horrific ways. Poisoned. Starved. Brain-damaged. Paralysed. Mutilated. Irradiated. Burned. Gassed. Electrocuted. Kittens are deliberately blinded. Mice are made to grow tumours as big as their own bodies. Monkeys have holes drilled into their heads. Sheep and pigs have their skin burned off.

Abuse of animals for tea must stop. You can help by making a donation to support PETA today.

With your support, we can save the lives of millions of individual animals by working to change the way chemicals, drugs and products such as food, beverages and the ingredients that go into them are tested here and across the European Union – as well as by fighting to improve the treatment of animals all around the world.

PETA and our affiliates are the greatest – and often the only – hope for animals facing the horrors of vivisection. We are making progress, but we won't rest until tests on animals are abandoned for good. We know that we can achieve this by using hugely effective and proven campaigning techniques such as the following:

• Pressuring companies to ban animal testing: this has been successfully done with more than 1,000 businesses.

• Publicising evidence from undercover investigations: the video footage from a recent PETA US investigation of a vivisection laboratory was so powerful that it led to the closing of the laboratory within a week of broadcast of the footage.

• Lobbying decision-makers at national and EU levels to stop animal testing: following pressure from PETA, European regulators recently issued new industry guidelines outlining how thousands of companies can avoid animal tests.

• Funding research of non-animal test methods: funding allowed for the scientific evaluation of a cruelty-free skin irritation test, which has replaced painful tests that were previously conducted on rabbits.

• Educating the public: the horrifying facts about vivisection need to be clearly communicated to the media and the public alike.

Our success depends on you. The animals who are suffering behind the closed doors of laboratories cannot help themselves. They need us – and so do countless other animals facing abuse right now. We must do everything in our power to save them. Please donate today.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

PS I know that I will never drink teas from PG tips, Lipton or Lyons until the company behind them drops these deadly tests forever, and I hope that you will join me. PETA has a proven track record of helping animals and can save many more lives with your help today. Thank you for your continued support. It's vital to our success.

2shoes Thu 18-Nov-10 18:46:30


theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:48:05

Is that to go with the tea 2shoes

Sullwah Thu 18-Nov-10 18:48:20


LadyViper Thu 18-Nov-10 18:49:43

I will be switching brands now, but...

This is a very misleading representation of animal testing. It is greatly exaggerated and emotive!

I am against animal testing for non-medical purposes, but you really need to find out the whole truth about what happens, not just what an extremist group like PETA would have you believe.

scurryfunge Thu 18-Nov-10 18:52:02

As per other thread you started, Unilever is phasing out testing on animals. The rest is where there is no alternative (law states you must have some testing).

theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:54:29

ladyviper I worked for PETA in AMerica and while yes, they do go to extremes to ge their points across I have seen many of the hidden videos they have made (although I won't claim to have seen any regarding the tea testing)and unfortunaly I don't think they do exagerate what goes on ALthough I hope in this case they have done. Thanks for reading and not biscuiting though!

theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:55:09

What other thread I started?

ApocalypseCheese Thu 18-Nov-10 18:55:24

I drink yorkshire tree or fair trade jobbys thank god

chitchat09 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:56:42

My first ever biscuit

theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:57:38

Hopefully your last too, it's not terribly clever is it?

scurryfunge Thu 18-Nov-10 19:02:09

Apologies OP there is similar thread started by Thingumy.

Ormirian Thu 18-Nov-10 19:02:10

I drink fair-trade anyway.

choufleur Thu 18-Nov-10 19:02:26

Wow must be completely true if PETA have said so.

Animals which are tested on are generally killed after the experiments are completed. Scientists need new animals to carry out new experiments or else the results would be compromised.

I doubt also that the tests are just so that they can make claims.

theevildead2 Thu 18-Nov-10 19:04:02

Thats ok Scurry thought I was being accused of trolery. Probably just that the email was sent out today so thing will have read it too.

Choufluer do you think they made it all up then? What stories have they made up?

TattyDevine Thu 18-Nov-10 19:05:14

Indeed it is cruel to make anyone drink tea.

musicmadness Thu 18-Nov-10 19:16:31

PETA isn't a neutral source by any means but I don't drink those brands anyway. I always make sure any cosmetic stuff I use is not tested on animals. I disagree with animal testing full stop and I would be very happy if it was made illegal apart from testing medicines / for medical reasons. Hopefully that would stop as soon as a viable alternative.

musicmadness Thu 18-Nov-10 19:18:23

*as soon as there is a viable alternative!

I really need to start proof reading!

LetThereBeRock Thu 18-Nov-10 19:19:15

It's certainly cruel to make anyone drink Liptons. It's vile.

choufleur Thu 18-Nov-10 19:19:52

I don't think they've made it all up but clearly animals are killed at the end of experiments. It's sensationalist to state the obvious. And animals are bred purely for the purpose of experiments, that way they can breed in things that they want to test on. "Mutant mice" is sensationalist too.

DeusExMechanica Thu 18-Nov-10 19:26:00

"Choufluer do you think they made it all up then? What stories have they made up?"

I think the onus is on you, theevildead2, to justify your inflamitory claims.

Akkad Thu 18-Nov-10 19:26:46

I agree with Rock, Liptons is vile.
But tbh, even if Twinings did test like this, I would still drink it.

choufleur Thu 18-Nov-10 19:29:07

No. I don't think they've made it all up but it is sensationalist. (as mentioned in my last post)

LadyViper Thu 18-Nov-10 19:29:57

In the UK it is illegal to test for anything that is not essential, ie medical, or for anything where there is a non-animal alternative.

The home office sends inspectors that turn up with no warning to make sure everything is as should be.

FRAME is a fantastic charity that supports the development of non-animal alternatives.

I personally make sure that my cosmetics are not animal tested: Barry M, Clarins, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown are all safe. The body shop is owned by L'oreal so not as animal friendly as they seem.

I never thought about tea though!

MollieO Thu 18-Nov-10 19:29:58

I didn't realise drinking tea was so dangerous. Pleased to see that the tea I drink isn't one of those listed.

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